Zinc Poisoning in Dogs

Food poisoning is quite common in human and caused due to several factors. As we require all sorts of nutrient to be included in our diet for leading a healthy life, dogs also require nutritious and healthy foods, which include minerals. Similar to human, minerals are essential for well being of the dogs. Zinc is one of the most essential minerals for dogs to have a good health as well to maintain fitness. Eventually, pet owners add zinc supplements in the dog foods to keep them fit and healthy. Since zinc deficiency in dogs are quite common, many pet owners are more likely to fed the dogs with more amount of zinc in the diet. Unfortunately, in some instances, the dogs are fed with excess quantity of zinc in the food. The excessive amount of zinc leads to several severe complications including zinc poisoning . Zinc poisoning in dogs is one of the rarest poisoning conditions in dogs caused due to excessive amount of zinc being ingested in the body of the dogs.

What causes zinc poisoning in dogs?

As stated above, zinc poisoning in dogs is not a disease or condition that caused due to external factors and the only cause is intake of more quantity zinc by the dogs. However, there is no reason through which the zinc is ingested in the dog and it is not fair to blame the pet owners for causing zinc poisoning in dogs. Zinc materials are generally used and found in garages in home and it is found in batteries. Sometimes, the zinc toxicity also result towards the direct consumption or indirect contact with nuts, iron, bolts and similar other galvanized zinc products. When the pet owners fail to watch the activities of dogs and they escape from the vicinity of their owners, such unattended dogs have high risk of consuming huge quantity of zinc materials, which eventually cause zinc poisoning in dogs. Further, zinc poisoning in dogs is also caused due to other sources like home paints, shampoos, detergents, ointments with zinc oxide and calamine lotions.

What are the signs of zinc poisoning in dogs?

There are several apparent symptoms of zinc poisoning in dogs, from which the condition can be detected quite easily. Since the ingestion of zinc lead towards toxic condition, most of the symptoms are associated with digestive problems. The symptoms include the following.

  • Chronic vomiting
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhoea
  • Weakness due to reduced intake of food
  • Loss of energy
  • Unusual and uncommon behaviour in dogs
  • Change in urine colour
  • Discoloured gums
  • Anaemia

Detection of zinc poisoning in dogs in the early stage is very important, because the condition soon turn out to be fatal and also cause several complicated and permanent health ailments. Further, zinc poisoning in dogs also affects the blood circulation and interferes with production of red blood cells. Severe zinc poisoning in dogs undoubtedly leads towards kidney and liver failure, where the entire digestive parts are completely ruined.

Fortunately, there is a cure for zinc poisoning in dogs. When the toxin is found in the oesophagus i.e food pipe in the gastrointestinal tract of dogs and in stomach, endoscopy is performed to remove the zinc toxin. Endoscopy is the effective treatment for zinc poisoning in dogs. After treating the condition, when it is found that the toxicity caused iron deficiency and other blood disorders in dogs, appropriate medications are extended.

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