What is Uncontrolled Diabetes?

Uncontrolled Diabetes

Uncontrolled diabetes is a diabetes condition where the blood sugar levels reach abnormally high levels and it becomes hard to control the blood sugar levels even with medication. Diabetes is caused when the body does not produce or cannot utilize the insulin produced by the pancreas.Uncontrolled diabetes is a very severe condition that needs immediate attention. Learn more about what is uncontrolled diabetes here.

Uncontrolled Diabetes

Insulin is important hormone that is produced by pancreas which helps sugar to be isolated from the bloodstream and it also helps body cells as fuel and much other purpose. As sugar level increases to much higher levels than normal it causes diabetes. Diabetes if not treated overtime also leads to very serious injuries in many of the body organs. Common affects of this can be seen on nerves and blood vessels.

Causes of uncontrolled diabetes

Uncontrolled diabetes is generally caused due to heavy body weight and physical inactivity. High cholesterol in diet, abnormal blood pressure and increase in blood glucose level are other major causes of uncontrolled diabetes. Chances get double if one is having uncontrolled diabetes for a heart attack or stroke.

Risk factors of associated with uncontrolled diabetes

Uncontrolled diabetes is increasing at very alarming rate worldwide. Risk factors that contribute for this disease are as follows:

• Obesity – Increase in obesity can make this condition worse.

• Family history – If any individuals family that includes first blood relationship has uncontrolled diabetes chances become more that this disease may cause to individual also.

• Lack of physical activity – Body movement is necessary if one is having uncontrolled diabetes. Sitting ideal can increase the blood sugar level.

• Age – Age also contributes greatly in this disease. After some age depending upon health condition, individual’s chances get more for uncontrolled diabetes.

• Lack of proper diet and medication

Uncontrolled diabetes can lead to severe complications in pregnancy and childbirth.

The symptoms of uncontrolled diabetes

Uncontrol diabetes severely affects the blood vessels in the body. This can cause severe damage to many organs and body systems, including kidney, brain, heart, peripheral tissues of the extremities, patients with diabetes develop macroangiopathy and atherosclerosis. It accelerates the progressive formation of atherosclerotic plaques in blood vessels, which can lead to heart attack, stroke and severe damage to the retina (and loss of vision).

So if you have diabetes, it must be carefully controlled levels of blood sugar and keep it under control. The medication must be taken regularly and on the effects of current drugs are not sufficiently satisfied with the doctor can change treatment. Unfortunately, although the disease is well managed,it is possible some of the complications mentioned above.

Treatment of uncontrolled diabetes

Uncontrolled Diabetes needs immediate treatment that includes immediate changes to a persons diet, lifestyle and administering on insulin through injections on an hourly basis till the blood sugar levels drop to normal.

Treatment of diabetes is simple and effective in most cases, especially if diagnosed in time. Diabetes is largely divided on the management of lifestyle and medical treatment. An essential part of any diabetes treatment is to find that diabetes should be managed to prevent complications of diabetes, which is sure to occur in uncontrolled diabetes. Diabetes is a continuous and evolving process that requires constant adjustment of blood sugar levels with medication and insulin injections.

Exercise and increased physical activity, not only burn calories and reduce body weight also sensitizes the cells to insulin already produced in the body of the pancreas. This leads to less demand for sugar in the blood is reduced diabetes medications or insulin injections.

Medicines for diabetes prescribed by a physician diabetologist or diabetes when diet and exercise do not reduce blood sugar normal. The following information is necessary for the prescription or recommendation of any kind, contact your doctor or diabetes educator about individual treatment, do not fall into self-medication because it can be very detrimental in diabetes.

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