What is mouth herpes?

The Herpes Simplex Virus- HSV- causes the mouth herpes. The mouth herpes affects the lips, tongue, gums, inside of cheeks, and the mouth. Mouth Herpes is generally referred to as cold sores. This has another term as herpes gingivostomatitis. Mouth herpes is known to affect only human beings. Learn more about what is mouth herpes here.

What is Mouth Herpes

Mouth herpes is found commonly at the group of 1 or 2 year’s children. But it may occur to anybody at any age and in any season. The virus is highly contagious, so even touch of skin can spread it. That is the reason; it shows that a number of people are affected by it at least once before adulthood.

Symptoms of Mouth Herpes

Mouth herpes symptoms may last for two to three weeks. The infected area may pain, burn, tingle or itch before the sores or blisters appear there. Then the blisters start appearing with the beginning of cluster like form. At this stage they often break and look very small, shallow. After some days they become dry yellowish and crust over. Since these are present in mouth, eating becomes problematic And painful.

You can see or feel these sores on the lips, gums, throat, front of the tongue, inside of the cheeks, etc. They sometimes appear on the chin or neck. The gums may swell a little, get red-colored and may bleed at times. Neck lymph nodes may swell and pain. Patients in their teens can develop painful shallow boils and greyish scabs on the tonsils area.

Mouth herpes also cause decrease in urination, drowsiness, irritations and dry mouth. If the patient age is below 6 weeks, the infant must be admitted to hospital. This virus can attack the brain at this age.

Treatment of Mouth Herpes

If the patient is brought to the medical practitioner at the onset of mouth herpes, the medical practitioner may prescribe medicines for fever and advise to drink lot of fluids.

If the reports show advancement in mouth herpes condition, the doctor suggests hospitalization for oral or Intra Veinal medication treatment.

The hospitalization is required in mouth herpes if: the child is below 6 weeks; the patient immune system is very weak, or patients with severe diseases.

Mouth Herpes cure:

1. The ice application is used to soothe and give numbness to the area affected by mouth herpes. This helps lowering the pain and temperature.

2. Apply warm tea bags to the area affected by mouth herpes hourly. The black tea bags contain tannic acid which is supposed to be an antiviral trait. When you use it on the outbreak of the mouth herpes boils, the tannic acid works as a medicine for that.

3. Apply petroleum jelly or any other lip moisturizer – of a good company- application on the lips helps moisten and soothe them especially the area affected by mouth herpes. This helps prevent the boils from breaking and bleeding also.

You should minimize the risk of an outbreak of mouth herpes if the body’s immune system – natural defence system- is strengthened; by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, do at least moderate exercise regularly and take proper timely rest every day; itself will be the prevention and cure for mouth herpes.

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