What is Herpetophobia

Herpetophobia is a psychological syndrome related to reptiles like lizards. This syndrome makes the patient uncomfortable in the presence of a reptile. The fear could be developed due to unreasonable assumptions about the alien features of the creature. Herpetophobia like any other anxiety syndrome can be treated by cognitive behavioral therapy. This therapy involves visiting the psychiatrist on a regular basis and talking about the problem. The doctor may ask the patient questions like what it is that exactly makes you scared about the reptile. The patient answers are usually like the skin of the creature, or the unknown facts about the creature’s life pattern.

Any anxiety syndrome treatment is inclusive of plain talk about the fear and how to face the fear? For instance, the doctor may request the patient to visit a museum where reptiles can be seen or studied. Or the doctor may suggest the patient to read books or browse websites about reptiles regularly. As the unknown area in the patient’s perception about reptiles starts turning into a known area, the patient starts feeling comfortable about the creature’s presence. The level of acceptance towards the creature increases as the patient learns to acknowledge its existence. The doctor may even ask the patient to feed the creature some food at times. The fear can be reduced if the patient shows compassion and acceptance towards the creature.

The level of fear of reptiles may be low, moderate or extreme. Low level fear would portray normal irritation towards the creatures and moderate level fear may show some kind of intolerance towards the creature’s presence in the room. Extreme level fear may be described by complete non-acceptance of the creature’s presence in the room and any kind of physical contact with it. All kinds of fear levels – low or moderate, should be faced by patient so that early cure can be discovered and prevention from extreme fear is possible.

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