What is Heart Murmur

Heart Murmur

A heart murmur is a bizarre sound produced during a heartbeat. Heart murmurs can be very dim to very loud. At times heart murmur sound like a whooshing or whisper sound. Usual heartbeats create a LUB-DUB sound. This is the sound produced by the heart valves closing as blood travel through the heart. One can listen to these sounds and heart murmurs by a stethoscope. Learn what is a heart murmur and more about heart murmur here.

What is heart murmur

Types of heart murmur

There are two categories of heart murmurs one is harmless or normal heart murmur and the second is abnormal heart murmur. Normal heart murmurs aren’t produced by heart problems. These heart murmurs are common in healthy individuals. Individuals who have abnormal heart murmurs may have signs or symptoms related to heart troubles.

Technically heart murmurs are classified under two major classes one is called diastolic and the other systolic. A diastolic heart murmur happens when the heart muscle relaxes between the heart beats. It takes place after the second heart beat sound. A systolic heart murmur happens between the first and second heart beat sounds. Heart Valve disease arise when a heart valve doesn’t functions properly. If a valve doesn’t open fully, less blood can travel through the smaller hole. If a valve doesn’t close properly, blood may seep out backward. These troubles can make the heart to work harder to propel the same quantity of blood or blood may move back into the lungs or body because it’s not traveling competently through the heart.

Causes of heart murmurs

Most abnormal heart murmurs in children are due to heart defects present at birth. These defects are troubles with the heart’s constitution that are present at the time of birth. In a grown person, abnormal heart murmurs most frequently are caused by acquired heart valve ailment. This is heart valve ailment that builds up as the effect of another condition like infections, illness, and growing age can cause heart valve disease while causing heart murmurs.

When the heart valve doesn’t open fully, it is termed as Stenosis. When it doesn’t close entirely it is termed as Insufficiency or Regurgitation. The heart beat typically makes two sounds one is called Lub and the other is called Dub. Lub is the sound produced first and Dub is the sound produced second. These sounds go after each other and are not separated by additional sounds. A heart murmur is heard as a swishing sound or a whistling sound which is in addition to the normal Lub-Dub sound produced by the heart.

Heart murmurs have diverse sounds. The sounds produced can help point to whether the murmur is normal or abnormal. A heart murmur is not an ailment; it is a signal to alert our attention to make sure if there is anything wrong. At times a heart murmur may be the consequence of a hole in the heart or a tapering valve. A heart murmur is an objective discovery of an underlying heart situation and in many cases may be of no outcome. The risk part for developing a specific heart murmur is the risk aspect for underlying heart disease. Inborn heart troubles tends to have an ancestral basis, meaning that there may be a genetic inclination for a baby to have an abnormal heart structure.

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