What is e-Cigarette

Electronic cigarette

The electronic cigarette (e-cigarette “) was introduced in China in 2005 and sold in over 50 countries worldwide. E-cigarette consists of a battery and spray, working together to heat a liquid contained in a cartridge. This creates a mist of steam almost odorless that makes smokers feel that they are smoking a normal cigarette as well as giving them the nicotine fix they need, it is enough to be a satisfactory alternative to smoking cigarettes.

A recent survey showed that 99% of consumers of electronic cigarettes are former smokers and their average age is 44. Almost all users of the e-cigarette reported improvements in breathing, taste, smell and general health. There is evidence that young people are increasingly using e-cigarettes.

Although nearly everyone acknowledges that electronic cigarettes are less harmful than traditional cigarettes, Others believe that, since 48 million Americans still smoke, despite aggressive campaigns against tobacco, snuff, drugs and smoking programs should be honestly informed about the health risks comparable access to legal and less hazardous alternatives without smoke. A recent study showed that switching to these products reduces health risks and cease all smokeless tobacco / nicotine.

Benefits from E-Cigarette

• Nicotine itself does not cause disease, snuff, or death.

• American Association of Public Health Physicians (AAPHP), a leading proponent of harm reduction, said: “We have reason to believe that the danger posed by electronic cigarettes will be much less than 1% of the facility at (smokeless tobacco) cigarettes.” The AAPHP also suggested, ” on the basis of literature review and analysis, [the AAPHP] concluded that a national effort to reduce injuries, partly based on the attractiveness of e-cigarettes for current smokers, could save lives 8.4 million adults smokers in America today who would otherwise die of tobacco related disease over the next 20 years. ”

• Opponents of smokeless tobacco harm reduction citing a press release from the FDA in July 2009 as part of an FDA analysis of 18 cartridges of two companies as evidence that electronic cigarettes are dangerous. In fact, analysis of the FDA found traces only visible nitrosamines which are suspected cancer-causing substances, about the same level of FDA approved the nicotine patch.

• In January 2010, Judge Richard Leon (U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia) crucial FDA rejected a request that e-cigarettes were drugs, devices, or combination of devices, drugs, and found that the FDA only has jurisdiction to regulate e cigarettes as a “smokeless tobacco product” under the Law of snus. (No smoking anywhere in the world against the FDA, a civil case No. 09-771 (RJL), currently on appeal.) Judge Leon also said in its ruling that the United States alone, companies of e-cigarettes “have sold hundreds thousands of electronic cigarettes, but the FDA cites no evidence that electronic cigarettes have threatened everyone.”


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