What is Diabetes Diet


Diabetes is a condition where the blood glucose i.e sugar level increases abnormally. Pancreas produces insulin that controls the sugar level in the body, when a person suffers from diabetes, the disease hampers the production of insulin and the level of sugar increases in the blood. People who suffer from diabetes need to take care about the food that they eat as their body cannot absorb the sugar or glucose from the food leading to high levels of glucose in the blood stream. For diabetes patients doctors recommend a strict diet or diabetes diet. Learn what is diabetes diet here.

What is diabetes diet:

Diabetes diet is a diet plan for diabetes patients, Diabetes diet is required to control the abnormal sugar levels in a person’s blood stream. Some of the important aspects of a diabetes diet are:

• Reducing the intake of sugar

• Reducing the intake of carbohydrates

• Reducing the intake of fats

• Increased intake of fibrous food

• Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables

A diabetes diet is not a restrictive diet, diabetes diet is more of a healthy and nutritious diet which has more of nutrients while being low in fat and calories. Diabetes diets should include Healthy carbohydrate that the body gets through fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes & low-fat dairy products food that are high in fibre like whole wheat flour, bran, nuts , fruits , leafy vegetables, Fish as fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, avocados, almonds, pecan nuts, walnuts, olives etc. People suffering from diabetes or who follow a diabetes diet should switch to olive oil or canola oil as it is healthier than other vegetable oils.

If you are on a diabetes diet you should avoid eating food that has a high fat content, high protein foods like red meat, junk food , baked food that has margarine or shortening, high fat dairy products, or food that has a high level of sodium content.

Planning for diabetic diet

If a person is suffering from diabetes one should be extra cautious about ones diet, this includes regulating the kind of food we eat and the quantity of food that we eat. A strict rule for diabetic diet needs to be followed by diabetic patient. Also there should not be a complete change in the diet as body can resist this. One should get full information about the kind of diet to be followed as well as the amount of calories and the percentage of carbohydrate it contains and also amount of fat that a diabetes diet should have, this can be done by properly planning out a diabetes diet with the help of a dietician or a doctor. Two major factors should be kept in mind for planning a diabetes diet that is one should always take regular diet on fixed time and another is proper healthy food with proper quantity needs to be taken.

Diabetic Diet tips

• Meal should not be skipped in any condition as it can cause hypoglycemia i.e low blood sugar.

• Taking breakfast is most important for diabetic patient as it increases the metabolism. If one has fasted all night then its more important for them as body needs glucose level may fall down and it needs to be recovered.

• Eating at regular intervals keeps insulin and metabolism working properly. So one should fix the time of taking meal.

• Also the quantity is important to maintain the proper regulation of the body on the daily basis.

• One should consult health dietician or physician for getting a balanced diet meal. This will help to maintain amount of carbohydrate that one consumes and thus will help to cure the disease.

• Carbohydrate should be decreased from the meal. This is very important for diabetic patient as it affect dangerously.

• Glucose level should be checked on the daily basis. That gives self motivation and tells about if the sugar level has increased or decreased.

The increased level of blood sugar level is called hypoglycemia that is caused due to simple sugar in glucose table, sugar, honey, cookies, this things should be avoided in a diabetes diet. Hypoglycemia can have long term impact can be dangerous as it can cause blindness, organ failure or peripheral vascular disease. Best way to treat this is good controlled diabetes diet, exercise and medication.

A DIabetes diet is one of the most healthy diets that can be followed and is not restricted to diabetes patients alone.People who want to stay fit also can follow the diabetes diet.


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