Weight Loss Plans

Weight loss plans

People are becoming more conscious about their and fitness, because there has been equivalent growth and development in the field of medicine and development of new and fatal health conditions. The intolerable truth is the survival age of an individual has been reduced by several years when compared with the survival age of an individual before 30 years. In spite of advancements and innovations in the medical world, these facts are shocking. All these issues are solely attributed to unhealthy food habits and lifestyle of the people. Overweight is the major problem experienced by more than 50% of the world population. Fortunately, many people tend to realise about their health and try to work on something to make them fit and healthy. To no surprise, there are lot of free weight loss plans and diet plans, tips on quick weight loss, etc are available in the internet. Lets look at some easy weight loss plans and weight loss diets here.

Weight loss diet plan:

When we talk about weight loss plans, the first thing we used to consider is adapting appropriate diet plan for weight loss. Many people consider dieting is something that refers to taking foods that are too hard to prepare and too unique from the regular foods. Diet refers to eating healthy foods in the right quantity facilitates supplying required amount of nutrients required for proper functioning of body to stay healthy and fit. When it comes to weight loss diet, the composition of food items vary where foods rich in cholesterol, fat and carbohydrates are avoided. For examples, a typical weight loss diet plan includes intake of more quantity of vitamins, minerals and proteins from vegetables, fruits, grains, etc and exclude fatty substances like cheese, butter, oil, fried stuff, fast food items, etc. However, these weight loss diet plans are likely to vary with one person to another based on the weight loss goals, age, gender, medical history and medical ailments.

Sample weight loss meal plan:

There are more than hundreds of effective weight loss meal plans available online for free. Following is one of the samples of weight loss meal plans:

  • Start the day with a glass of lukewarm water
  • Breakfast: Two toasted slice / a cup of oats with low fat milk, one boiled egg white, a fruit with a black coffee / black tea
  • Lunch: A cup of brown rice / lean meat / steam fish / with choice of steam vegetables / vegetable wrap, baked potato with no toppings, greens, whole grains and fatless yoghurt.
  • Dinner: A cup of brown rice / steamed chicken / fish, choice of steamed vegetables or fresh whole fruits like apple, banana or a fruit salad, with low fat milk.
  • In between breakfast and lunch, black tea / black coffee or fresh fruit juice without sugar can be included.
  • Drink minimum of 8 glasses of water.
  • To cut down the cravings between the meals, it is recommended to divide the meals into 6 portions and consume. Further, vegetable wraps or vegetable sticks with desired herbal toppings can be consumed to reduce the hunger.

Weight loss plans for teenagers and children:

Many teens and kids are fond of fried foods, junk food items, spicy foods, soft drinks, packaged and tinned items, which are hazardous to health. It is fair to have these kinds of food items occasionally. Intake of these food items result towards rapid weight gain. Eventually, weight loss diet plants for teens should exclude consuming these types of foods. Further, active child never tend to gain weight. So, when it comes to weight loss diet plans for kids, it is better to make them active rather counting on calories and reducing the intake of foods.

Weight loss diet plans are likely to be the following type of diet plans.

  • Low calorie diet – where intake of foods with less calories are included
  • Low fat diet – where fatty foods are excluded
  • Low carb diet – where the foods that reduces the hunger and cravings between meals are reduced
  • High protein diet – an example of low carb diet where only the protein rich foods are included in the diet menu
  • Low protein diet – Associated with some medical conditions to reduce the protein quantity
  • Low cholesterol diet – exclude the intake of oily, fried, packaged and fast food items
  • Diabetic Diet – assist in weight loss of diabetic people
  • Atkin’s diet – focus on restricting the intake of carbohydrate and replacing it with protein foods

Above all, all types of weight loss diet plans should be accompanied by mild physical exercises like walking or jogging and minimal life style changes for effective weight loss like prefer to walk through staircase instead using elevator.

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