Wedding Reception Table Ideas

The couple should estimate whether the layout of the wedding reception tables is workable. For this, they must make a scale drawing of the space. Then, they need to insert cut-outs of the tables. Now, it is able to assess whether it is practical to move the tables and chairs in the absence of manual labor. Also, make provision for fire exits.Wedding Reception Table Ideas

Examples of Wedding Reception Table Ideas

Round tables

  • The guests can converse with all those sitting on the table
  • A five feet table can accommodate 8 individuals comfortably and up to 10 maximum
  • A six feet table can accommodate 10 individuals comfortably and up to 12 maximum

Top table

  • The top table is surrounded by rounds of tables
  • From each table, the guests get a view of the top table
  • Page boys and young bridesmaids should not be near the top table as they usually desire to play or find their parents

Banquet style table

  • The ‘E’ shaped table layout is advisable
  • The long side of the ‘E’ is occupied by the main wedding party
  • The guests are seated on the branches of the ‘E’

Hollow square layout

  • This style is recommended in case of the following
  • The number of guests are very large for the banquet style, and
  • The couple wishes that each guest should be able to see each other guest

Description of Wedding Reception Table Decoration Ideas

The objects that you would place on the table should match the linens on the table. These objects are as follows.

  • Centerpieces
  • Chargers
  • China
  • Table numbers
  • Table runners

It must be kept in mind that in case of all the above items, no single element must overshadow the beauty of other items. First of all, the couple must determine if they are satisfied with the chairs that the reception site has given them. If not, they can think of chair covers and probably sashes. The other step is to rent other variety of chairs. For example, the chivari chairs are very elegant and nice.

A number of reception venues offer cream colored or white table linens. They also provide colored napkins. The couple might opt to try something different for their wedding reception as listed below.

  • A colored tablecloth of a material other than cotton
  • The tablecloth may have a stripe, flower or other pattern
  • A tablecloth having a solid color along with a pattern
  • The table linen must be in harmony with the napkin color

The couple should culminate the decorations by using confetti. Traditionally, paper confetti are advisable, but if drinks are spilt these can become messy. The solution is to use metallic confetti along with hearts, stars and horse shoes. A new trend is to sprinkle some crystals on every table. This adds to the sparkle of the wedding reception. A rather romantic alternative is to spread freeze dried rose petals on the tables. These wedding reception table ideas are sure to make your wedding a memorable event.

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