Waterproof Foundation Makeup Tips

Every woman can look beautiful with makeup. The cosmetics industry has provided us with so many makeup options to hide our blemishes and cover up our flaws so that the face we show to the world is beautiful and perfect. However, with dampness and humidity, our body sweats and the makeup can smudge. Women today lead a fast-paced life, always on the run. They need to look beautiful and fresh throughtout the day without spending much time on makeup touch ups. For women, who wish for long-lasting makeup, waterproof foundation is the answer. Here, we have discussed waterproof foundation makeup tips to help you have a fresh look throughout the day.

Waterproof foundation makeup tipsKnow about waterproof foundation

Usually, in most cosmetics, a substance called Dimethicone is present. This is the chemical that is responsible for the makeup to spread smoothly and also impart luster and sheen to the skin. However, in waterproof foundations, a silicone based variant of Dimethicone called Dimethicone Copolyol is used.This chemical similar to oil and does not dissolve in water. If you want to remove the waterproof foundation, washing it off with water won’t work; you need special solvent for its removal.

Waterproof foundation makeup is ideal for:

•             Sportspersons

•             Stage artists

•             People holding field jobs

•             People living in humid places

Waterproof Foundation Makeup Tips

•             Choose the correct shade of waterproof foundation. An inappropriate shade would make your face look artificial

•             Waterproof foundation is not recommended for acne prone skin as it is heavy on the skin and clogs pores.

•             The cost of waterproof foundation goes up as it cannot be removed with water. You need a special solvent.

•             Regular use of waterproof foundation dries the skin. Thorough skin cleaning regime of cleansing, moisturizing has to be followed after taking off the foundation

How to use waterproof foundation makeup?

A little amount of water proof foundation is required to provide good coverage. Shake well the foundation container before use. Use a makeup sponge to dab the foundation is in spots, starting with the forehead. Use downward movements to blend the foundation in. Cover all the parts that are exposed that include the ears, the jaw line and the neck area.

How waterproof foundation makeup is beneficial?

•             Contains oil, so it spreads smoothly and gives lustre to the face

•             Most waterproof foundations contain sunscreen

•             Waterproof foundation is long lasting and does not need to be touched up often

Now that you know what waterproof foundation makeup is, choosing the right foundation with the help of these waterproof  foundation tips would not be difficult for you.

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