Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet

Anyone who suffers from any complicated heart ailments, obesity, weight problems, high fat, high cholesterol, etc should consider switching over to consume vegetarian foods. Ideal choice of diet for weight loss is vegetarian weight loss diet plan. Further, most of the doctors, dieticians, and nutritionists suggest opting for vegetarian diet plan not only for shedding weight, but also helps in maintaining a healthy body leading a healthy life.

Why vegetarian weight loss diet:

There are numerous vegetarian food items available to help in reducing the weight for leading a healthy life. If you are unsure about the vegetarian weight loss diet plan, here is the solution. Vegetarian foods are completely packed with essential nutrition for proper functioning of the body. Food choices to include in the vegetarian diet menu include whole grains, fresh organically cultivated fruits and vegetable, nuts, seeds, and dairy products.  If you consider grains and cereals, they are rich in proteins and contain carbohydrates. Similarly dairy products like milk is rich in calcium, which is required for bone strength. Fruits and vegetables are rich source of range of vitamins and minerals. Vegetables and fruits contribute towards 60% of the vegetarian weight loss diet plan, where they are rich in vitamins and minerals with zero fat and zero cholesterol. Further, organically cultivated foods are rich source of anti-oxidants. However, there are few exceptions where few food items are high in fat, exclusively in dairy products such as yoghurt, butter, cream, cheese, etc. High sugar and high fat vegetarian foods are meant for weight gain.

Best vegetarian weight loss diet plan:

When it comes to choosing between the range of vegetarian food for weight loss diet, there are certain factors to be considered. It includes the following:

  • Calorie count
  • Combining different types of foods with different nutrition in the diet plan
  • Consumption of different foods in right quantity (not less or not more)to get all nutrients as required
  • Avoid fatty vegetarian foods like cheese, yoghurt, etc which can be compensated by fatless yoghurt and cottage cheese.

Right combination of foods in right quantity of vegetarian weight loss diet plan makes it a healthy diet plan resulting towards weight loss more quickly. Best vegetarian weight loss diet plan includes raw fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts and skimmed milk.

In addition to healthy vegetarian weight loss diet plan, high protein vegetarian weight loss diet plan is also considered the best vegetarian weight loss diet plan.  In this diet plan, foods that are rich in good proteins are alone included in the diet for instance, few types of vegetables, dairy products, etc. High protein vegetarian diet plan aims at developing the body combined with shedding fat. Further, it is a low carb diet, which reduces the cravings for foods or hungry to a great extent. However, it is commonly used by athletes, weight lifters, body builders, etc to enhance the strength.

7 day vegetarian weight loss diet plan:

The 7 day diet chart of vegetarian weight loss plan is designed to lose weight up to 6 kgs in a week. There are no harmful side effects associated with this diet plan. Rather, it enhances the attitude and emotions and cleanses the impurities in the body.

  • Day one – Fruits day where there is no limit on consuming any type of fruit except bananas.
  • Day two – Vegetable day with no restriction and limit on consuming any kind of vegetables without oil.
  • Day three – Diet includes combination of choice of vegetables and fruits with no bananas and no potatoes
  • Day four – Bananas and milk diet, including consumption of maximum of 8 bananas,3 cups of milk  and a vegetable soup and a salad.
  • Day five – Feast day where the one bowl of rice is allowed with choice of vegetables and fruits. Further, 6 tomatoes should be consumed with 12 glasses of water.
  • Day six – Vegetables day with a cup of rice.
  • Day seven – again a feast day with choice of fruits, vegetables, fresh fruit juices and a bowl of rice.

Minimum of 10 glasses of water should be consumed every day. Dieter will lose up to maximum of 6 kilograms on the eighth day morning. If you wish to lose weight again, you can continue the same, but there should be minimum of three days interval.

Indian vegetarian diet for weight loss:

Among the vegetarian weight loss diet plans, Indian vegetarian diet plans and Indian vegetarian recipes have global popularity. It popularity is associated with the healthy and delicious recipes, easy preparation, wide varieties of healthy recipes, and much more. However, when you have decided to prefer Indian vegetarian weight loss diet plan, it is quite important to understand the basics of food items to get the best of it.

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