Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Menu

Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Menu

Among the sea of Vegetarian Weight Loss Diets, we do hope that th one enlisted here proves to be useful for those die hard veggies. We do appreciate your effort to be vegetarian and on taking into consideration these efforts we have collated, with much effort a very all-encompassing Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet. You may have seen a number of fad diets and crash diets but remember that these are mainly high protein diets with a huge amount of animal fat. These can hardly be approved of when it comes to serious weight loss since they are opposite the philosophy of weight loss in itself. Most diets are meant for people who adhere to non vegetarian food, we are sure that the veg lovers may totally feel left out but you search pretty much ends here.

Take a look at our classified Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Menu

We agree that animal protein does help you build on your muscle mass and is great at losing weight. It is the best supplement to muscle, but there are lots of vegetarian supplements to proteins too. There must be a healthy mix of carbohydrate and protein and bringing about a vegetarian revolution. Yes! There are some vegetables that must be avoided strictly. But rest assured, you can totally rely on a vegetarian diet to lose weight. We shall now provide you with a table that will help you design your own vegetable diet to lose weight.

Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet for breakfast:

• Tomato on toast combined with a poached egg

• Whole meat toast along with a low-cal spread and tomatoes + 1 poached egg

• Tomato bagels + cream cheese

• Wheat and banana

• Muesli

• Cereals

• Toast + scrambled eggs

• Corn Flakes and Fruit

• Peanut Butter on toast

• Mushrooms + Beans + Tomatoes along with a toast (preferably brown)

• Oats + yogurt

Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet for lunch

• Fruit Salad

• Egg + Mayonnaise and Tomato sandwich

• Italian Salad (in fact any veg salad without much dressing would be good)

• Greek Salad

• Beans + Cheese on toast

• Mixed Bean Salad

Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet for Dinner

• Pastas (various kinds)

• Vegetarian Stir Fry + rice

• Cheese omelets

• Tomato Omelets

• Fajitas

• Vegetarian Chilies

• Moroccan Salad

It is important to INCLUDE food when you are following a Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet, and not to EXCLUDE. Your calorie intake must be more than 1800 a day. Adding many dressings to your salad is no good because it will be a bad addition to your body without adding many nutrients. Have more salads with olive oils and also soups are a good option. Have more of boiled vegetables and avoid too much spice or oil. Choose the kind of food that you think is easy to digest use your judgment before you pop anything into your mouth. Binging on some sweets occasionally is not a crime so do indulge when you feel like it. Avoid having sweets towards bed time because they will simply be stored as fat in the later days. Both cooked and raw Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet is good for your body. Add some poached eggs of soya beans whenever required as they will supplement you for your proteins time and again.

I am sure you must wonder whether such a thing as Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet exists and if it really works. The truth is a Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet does work intermittently when you add a week of only Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet in your schedule. You must couple this with a regime of exercise and workouts. Without which not only the Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet but any diet would be futile.

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