Urinary Tract Infection in Dogs

What is urinary tract infection in dogs

A Urinary Track Infection in dogs or UTI is a very frequently occurring condition in dogs. The most likely reason of dog’s urinary tract infection can be trouble is a bacterial infection that comes in the body through the urethra of the dog, which is the same tube that takes urine outside of the body. Dogs that have a compromised immune system or some other type of urinary trouble may catch infections when the body is not capable to effectively fight the infections. It is also likely that a fungal infection happens if a dog is given steroids or antibiotics. If not recognized and treated in an appropriate way, a urinary tract infection in dogs can endanger its life, especially if the infection stretches from your dog’s urinary tract to the rest of the his body. But with timely discovery and appropriate treatment a urinary tract infection doesn’t have to be life threatening.

Causes of urinary tract infection in dogs

One of the most frequent reasons for urinary tract infection in dogs is canine cystitis. If your dog is being administered drugs that can suppress its immune system, it may also be more expected to develop a bladder infection. These would comprise treatments like chemotherapy and cortisone. Other factors that could be responsible for an UTI infection consist of Tumors in the bladder, Bladder stones and Diabetes .Some other reasons include not being able to vacate the bladder entirely and Cushing’s disease. Astonishingly, almost each urinary tract infection in dogs is produced by bacteria that are usually found in digestive tract of your dog. An infection is more probable to build up in a female dog than a male dog because her urethra is shorter and broader than that of male, making it easier for bacteria to enter into to her bladder. As there can be a number of reasons for the infection, your vet will call for to settle on the best course of treatment after a systematic examination and a variety of tests.

Symptoms of urinary tract infection in dogs

The first caution symptom of a dog’s urinary tract infection is if your dog appears to be in pain or uneasiness while urinating, particularly if he whimper’s during urination. Any strain to urinate is a shocking sign. If this is experienced by your dog, it’s time to locate out if she is exhibiting other symptoms of urinary tract infection in dogs.

The some of the main symptoms of a urinary tract infection in dogs are urinating in the house when, presence of blood in the urine, causing it to appear pink or red. Feeling the need to urinate more often with a bad smelling urine The dog shows lack of energy and just lays around more than usual time he use to lie down. The lower abdomen is tender in touch and the dog tries to urinate but not produces much .If you observe any of these symptoms of urinary tract infection in dogs, take your dog to veterinarian and get him checked .Don’t wait and waist time, as these signs can also be connected with more serious troubles, like the cancers of the urinary tract.

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