Upset Stomach Remedies in Dogs

Treating Stomach Upset in Dogs

Dogs have risk of developing diseases and health ailments that are common in humans, where stomach upset in dogs are not an exemption. Stomach upset in dogs is one of the common and frequent conditions found in dogs and dogs have high chances of developing periodic vomiting followed by nasty diarrhea. Upset stomach in dogs can be caused due to several reasons such as dietary changes, digestive problems, intake of allergic food and any health condition. Fortunately, stomach upset in dogs is not a severe health condition and can be treated easily. Further, there are several home remedies for treating upset stomach in dogs, found to be quite effective.

Causes of Stomach upset in Dogs

More than 90% of dogs develop upset stomach due to consuming decomposed food and food with toxins or chemicals. The apparent symptoms of upset stomach, which are quite noticeable is vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy, chronic or persistent fever with high temperature and excessive thirst. Even though the condition not so severe, constant vomiting and diarrhea may leads towards dehydration and can cause death in severe cases. Eventually, it is quite sensible to treat this mild condition with available simple remedies, before it becomes too late. It is not required to take your pet to a vet for getting appropriate treatment for upset stomach; rather you can yourself treat the pets with simple home remedies for upset stomach in dogs.

Home Remedies for Treating Upset Stomach in Dogs

Here are some quick and effective remedies for upset stomach in dogs.

Avoid dehydration – Since the condition becomes worse with vomiting and diarrhea, it leads towards quick dehydration. Dehydrated body of dogs can quickly turn out to be fatal and make sure to feed your lovable pet with water. Provide your dog a lot of drinking water. You can also prevent dehydration by giving water mixed with Gatorade.

Restrict the diet and quantity of food – The first and foremost remedy is to restrict the food given to dogs for minimum of 12 hours. No more better cure is available than fasting and empty stomach for treating vomiting and diarrhea.

Mild Diet – After the period of fasting, feed your dog with mild and simple diet that includes boiled chicken with boiled rice or boiled rice alone. Hamburger can also be included to replace the chicken. However, chicken should be fed after removing the skin. Also make sure to feed the food in smaller quantity. Gradually you can increase the quantity of food once you feel that the dog is getting better.

One of the best and effective home remedies for upset stomach in dogs is feeding the dog with little yoghurt or cottage cheese in the mild diet. Yoghurt and cheese contains bacteria, which assist in regulating the normal bowel movements.

Feeding the dogs with little quantity of grass is a proven remedy for stomach upset in dogs. It may seem a bit crazy, but grass cleanses the digestive system in dogs and helps the dogs to vomit out the entire food from stomach and ease the stomach.

For getting instant and quick recovery of upset stomach in dogs, you can also consider giving Pepto-Bismol, the effective over the counter medication. You can administer this drug when you could not find the condition persisting more than 24 hours.

Ensure that you do not feed the pets with any commercial food and feed the fresh, home cooked and mild foods to make the digestion easy. If the condition persists for two or more days, immediately take your dog to a veterinarian for getting appropriate treatment.

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