Types of Worms in Cats

Worms in cats

You need to have adequate knowledge about the problems related to worms when acquiring a pet for yourself. You need to be aware of the symptoms of worms in cats as well as the treatment of worms in cats. Cats are no different from the other animals that we see today that are domesticated. They have similar eating habits and also the same kind of health related problems that we see in animals today. Its always a good thing to be in constant consultation with a vet and keep yourself informed of the changes that are taking place in your pet’s body. Let’s look at types of worms in cats here.

Types of worms in cats

generally there are two types of parasites that can form in the cat. One is internal, the other is external. The ones outside are like ticks and mites and fleas. However, the most common worms are called ‘tapeworms’. ‘Heartworm’ is the most dangerous worms in catsl; it can also be pretty fatal for your pet. Like its name it resides in the heart of your cat and the connecting vessels of the blood that lead to the lungs. There are some symptoms that you can be watchful of. Beware of contaminated environment, stick to the prescribed food and most importantly keep your cat close to its vet. He will be the right one to guide you about the worms in cats.

What are the different Types of Worms in Cats?

Hook worms in cats: This is usually caused because of raw meat, especially that which hasn’t been cooked properly. Even mother’s milk can be a cause however it’s a rarity, since it takes place in very humid places. Hookworms are very special kind of worms they enter the body of the cat from its toes and aim at the small intestine. You need to keep your garbage boxes completely clean and cat trash must be thrown as far as possible from the house.

Tape worms in cats: These are the most common of all worms in cats. They not only affect cats but also all kinds of other pets that one can generally see, like, dogs. You will notice tapeworms in the cats’ litter box generally. They are pretty evident they look like small white colored grainy round tings. You can see the eggs passing out in the stool of the cat. Generally this occurs when the cat is eats outside food and the food that isn’t cooked well.

Round worms in cats: These can be passed onto the cat by the mother’s milk. This can also be contacted by eating roaches and rodents, since these are foreign bodies for the cat’s body. While undergoing treatment of roundworms, be sure that you are keeping the litter boxes as far as possible from the cat and also from the house. Remember that round worms are very similar to tapeworms, so is the treatment.

Lung worms in cats: Lungworms are really hard to make out. They can be detected only during its final stages. Problems while breathing occurs only with time, one can also see coughing and choking during the later stages of lungworms.

Treatment of worms in cats

There are different kinds of treatment for cat worms that are available. Deworming is one option that must take place as soon as you have adopted a pet. Then there are various flea treatment programs. Apart from taking to the vet one home remedy for cat worms is to keep the surroundings clean. Vacuum as often as possible and try to dispose off the vacuum bags. Keep a healthy diet going for your cat and be sure that your cat will have a long healthy life, without a doubt.

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