Toilet Training Cats

Toilet training cats can be pretty easy; with bit of effort you can train your cat for the process. If you are keen on doing so then the most crucial thing that you need to consider while training your cat is to progress the training gradually and do not lose patience and slowly try speeding up the process of training. You can go through this article to understand some of the most important facts and tips of toilet training for cats. Here are the following steps for training cats to use toilet.

Tips for toilet training cats

  • Before you start the training your cat to use the toilet, the first thing you need to do is to move their litter box closer to the toilet.
  • When this is done, then slowly elevate the box in such a manner that it should be parallel to the toilet seat.
  • You have to make sure that the change you are bringing during the training should be gradual and also observe the behavior problem of cat while training.
  • After your cat seems comfortable with the height, then try to fit the box into the toilet and fix it there.
  • Make sure that you teach your cat on how to sit on the seat, so to avoid any unwanted accident.
  • Now the thing you have to do is to wait until your cat feels comfortable with the arrangement before filling the seat with water.
  • Also keep the box clean to avoid bad order. Once your cat gets comfortable with the use of water in the box, you can then try it directly on the toilet.

Few thing to remember before you start the toilet training for cats:

  • Take the notes of all kind of behavior problem that come during the training. If your cat stop using the toilet at any point of instance during the training then following the training procedure from the start again. You can even go few steps back if your cat is only having minor issues during the training process.
  • It is important to note the usual and unusual behavior of cat during the training. Follow all safety measures to avoid any accidents.
  • Make sure that there your cat should not feel discomfort about the height.

You will feel many advantage of using toilet training cat in comparison to using litter box. Some of the common problems of using box are:

  • Making use of some wrong type of litter box, since there various type of litter boxes available, it sometimes becomes an issue which one to use for your cat.
  • Many times due to busy schedule you do not get chance to clean the box often and hence this creates bad odor.
  • To avoid the bad odor you need to use perfumed pet litter, however cats go away from the perfumed litter box.
  • Using the wrong size cat box is also a problem; the size of the box should be according to your pet size.

So, follow these simple tips to successfully train your pets.

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