Tips on New Hairstyles for 2011

 Tips on new hairstyles for 2011 are here , so you may want to think about getting yourself a new look as well. A change in hairstyle is a very important decision for a girl and one that needs a lot of thought put into it. There are many hairstyles that a girl can choose from depending on the length of hair she has, the look she wants etc. While short hair was in vogue last year, in 2011 we see that long hair has taken centerstage. Learn more about tips on new hairstyles for 2011 in this article.

Tips on new hairstyles for 2011

Tips on new hairstyles for 2011

This year we see that the hairstyles from the 80’s are making a comeback, especially popular in 2011 is the long hairstyle. Once can recreate the 80’s hairstyle with some hairspray, pony tail and curls

Beautiful hairstyles will surely make you feel great and it would also help you find more joy in your life. New hairstyles for 2011 include cuts that look  great on you no matter  what your face shape is, here a quick guide of what to look for and what to avoid.

Layer is the key to a great hairstyle, the best layers are in the front and are meant to frame the face, but never go above the eye on short hair or above earlobes on long hair.

If you think you would like short hairstyles you should look at different options in short hairstyles and medium hairstyles.

 A perfect hairstyle can be achieved only when you have considered all aspects like your new short hair cut should match your personality, lifestyle, time constraints, body shape, face shape, hair texture, hair density, eye color and skin tone.

Your new hairstyle should create a fresh balance between your face and body.

Short or medium layered hairstyles are suited for a triangle shaped face.

Diamond shaped face can go for hairstyle that has width at the top and bottom and sleekness at the wider part of the face.

For a pear shaped face the haircut should be symmetrical, concentrating on the fullness at the temple and the fringe area makes it sleek at the cheeks and jaw line. 

Hair is considered as the crowning glory for women and you should be careful bout the styles you choose for yourself. Tips on new hairstyles for 2011 will help you by answering your questions on which hairstyle are suitable for your personality and looks.

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