Tips on How to Kiss

A kiss is one of the most common ways of displaying affection towards others, a kiss can be a simple peck on the cheeks, or a full blown lip lock. A kiss is a perfect way to set the mood for a romantic evening with your lover. Tips on how to kiss a girl will deal with the dos and don’ts of kissing. Learn more about tips on kissing here.

tips on how to kiss

Tips on how to Kiss

The slight suction, the playful nibble, the light flicker of lip and tongue makes a kiss an exhilarating experience. Now, let’s not assume that every kiss would mesmerize you erotically. A lip lock with a bad kisser can turn the kiss into a nightmare. If you are a guy who wants to kiss the girl you like, it’s time to pull up your socks and pick up some tips on how to kiss a girl. Tame your mouth, lips and tongue making sure that they are in sync with your senses when you kiss and make the one you kiss, go weak in the knees.

How to Kiss a girl

So you to fall in love with the girl of your dreams, and have the urge to lock lips and kiss her every time you meet. Your confidence does not allow anything more than holding her hands. Don’t let your low confidence get in the way of you getting close to her and kissing her. Take the opportunity and kiss her the right way making your first kiss with her special. Here are some useful tips on how the kiss a girl.

  1. Set the right mood for your first kiss, Take your girl  some place where you are away from prying eyes,you dont want an audience for your first kiss now, do you? A drive down a the country side, a walk down a lonely lane or an evening by the lake ,or a walk down the beach would be the perfect setting for a kiss.
  2. Relax, be comfortable, you do not want to be stiff and rigid like a surf board when you kiss. Feel your self-confidence surging within you. Keep your mind free of any thoughts but most important of all don’t be obsessed with the four letter word KISS. You may ruin your first kiss if you are too tensed.
  3. Hold hands, Whisper sweet little nothing into her ears, set the mood right for your kiss. Romance should be in the air.
  4.  Don’t rush into kissing her. Take your time to feel the closeness between you both. Touch her, smell her hair, hold her hands, and hug her. Once her senses go weak, she will face you and her lips will flicker. That’s your cue. Run your fingertips fleetingly across her lips and gently lean towards her. That’s the time you take the plunge and kiss her.

Kissing a girl tips and techniques

1. Close your eyes when you kiss

2. Ensure that you maintain a good oral health. No one wants to kiss a person with bad breath and bad breathe is a major turn off.

3. If she is not ready give her space, don’t push her into a kiss. Impatience can spoil the evening for the both of you.

 4. If this is the first kiss for the both of you, avoid too much of tongue. You can   use your tongue while kissing later.

A kiss can be fun if performed well, and more pleasurable than having sex. Therefore, never underestimate what a good kiss can do to you. Get it right and the rest will fall into places.

A kiss is an intimate act of passion. When you kiss, you should feel the rhythm, the music of the most enticing feeling of romance. How to kiss a girl is a tricky question, as some girls are shy, some are bold and some are unpredictable. Whoever the girl is, you can never go wrong when you know how to kiss a girl perfectly. Following tips on how to kiss would ensure that you fun.

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