Tips on How to French Kiss

There is an art to doing everything, and the same goes for French kissing someone, you need to learn the art of French kissing in order to be able to kiss without being sloppy. Now you may have been witness to a number of French kisses in movies or even in a dark street corner. The French Kiss is a passionate gesture that would never lose its charm .Learn how to French kiss by following the tips on how to French kiss. Follow these basic and simple steps and tips on how to French kiss given here.

tips on how to french kiss

Tips on how to French Kiss:

You should learn the basic tips on how to French kiss and get these basics right before you can experiment with different styles and techniques of the French kiss.

Basic tips on How to French Kiss

  1. Have you brushed your teeth? There is nothing worse than having to put your tongue into a smelly mouth. Ensure that you maintain good oral hygiene, have a bath, apply deodorant and appear fresh. A person with bad personal hygiene is a big turn off. Prep yourself for a French kiss.
  2. Relax, before you French kiss you need to be comfortable, get into a comfortable position. You would not enjoy French kissing if you are not comfortable or your back feels like its going to break. The best sitting position for a French kiss is sitting side by side on a comfy sofa.
  3. Before you start French kissing your lover, hold your lover gently, don’t squeeze or cause pain, be gentle. You can try holding your lovers shoulder, neck or the face whiles you French kiss.
  4. Slowly move closer to your partner, Angle your face slightly while French Kissing so as to avoid bumping your nose with your partner.
  5. Start by gently kissing your partners lips with gentle closed lips kisses. Keep your eyes closed while you French kiss, closing your eyes helps increases the sensations you feel, and also sets the mood while you French kiss.
  6. Keep on kissing with slow gentle kisses to the lips, before you move on to the French kiss. Once you both are in the rhythm slowly draw your tongue across your partners lips.
  7. If your partner is in sync with you, he or she would slowly part lips allowing you to slowly explore your partners tongue in a light licking motion, setting the mood for a long drawn passionate French kiss.
  8. Your tongue is very sensitive, thus making it a very integral part of the French kiss and the essence of French kissing.
  9.  After you’ve tried lightly licking your partners tongue, try sucking on it gently at first, before increasing the tempo of the French kiss. Using your tongue, try exploring your partner’s mouth. The roof of the mouth is sensitive, try to lightly lick, or tickle the area with your tongue. 
  10. Avoid biting your partner, it can be a big turnoff while French kissing.
  11. Be gentle while French kissing don’t turn your tongue into a wind mill, use your tongue to lightly explore your partners mouth without trying to drill through.
  12.  Always breathe through the nose while you French kiss.
  13. Use your hands to lightly rub your partner, you can run your hands through the hair, or waist, down the back or just hold your partners face.

A good French kiss like any other kiss requires practice, You get better at it with time as you master the tips on how to French kiss. As you move into the French kiss with your partner you would learn what your partner likes, or what he or she dislikes. Some people like soft French kisses, some like it rough.

Once you have mastered the tips on how to French Kiss your romantic life would never be the same again.

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