Tips on Getting a Skin Tan

How to get a skin tan

We have many people who crave to get that beautiful skin tan, skin tans not only make you look absolutely ravishing but skin tans have other skin benefits too. The skin absorbs the vitamin A from the sun that makes it glow, and secondly the skin is also capable of retaining moisture in it after getting a skin tan. These days many people are opting to get their skin tanned and it costs almost nothing to make your skin look beautiful. There are many ways to get your skin tanned especially if you are opting for the artificial ways of tanning. We are now going to give you certain tips of getting your skin tanned so that you can sport the beautiful tan to everybody.

Tips on getting a skin tan 1. Natural tan: this is probably the best way of getting a tan. The most natural and the easiest too. You just need to doll up some nice high SPF sun tan so that you don’t get a sun burn and you can wear your bare minimal and lay down under the sun. Either you can lie under an umbrella or you can directly lie under the sun. But remember don’t lie under the sun over a long period of time especially if you have sensitive skin. Take a break after 15 minutes and cool down a bit and then you can go back. You can lie down under the sun for 20 minutes at a stretch and then turn to get the tan on the back. This is probably the best way to get a tan without a hassle.

Tips on getting a skin tan 2. Skin tan cream: Now this too is a great way to tan, however you must check it once with your doctor, especially a dermatologist. If you have very sensitive skin this tip for tanning must be avoided or use the tanning cream in less degrees. There are many tanning creams that are available in the market, and they won’t dig a hole in your pocket either. They are great to use especially if it s a one night occasion, they are quick to use and quicker to remove, they look great with bronzer make up and an elegant evening out.

Tips on getting a skin tan 3. Artificial tanning: you may have to go to a salon for this, there are mainly tanning beds. You will be asked to lie on one of the beds and the tanning will be done. The advantages about getting tanned artificially is that it is a controlled process, you may go wrong with the natural tanning, or you may not have the time to go get tan at the beach, but you can never go wrong with an artificial tanning system. Guess that’s what you call technology. It’s easy and it’s not very costly, you can also describe to the people the kind of tan you need exactly, the kind that suits your skin. Artificial tanning has become increasingly popular in the last few years, since it doesn’t demand much of your time. For those who have probably never experienced this form of tanning it’s a must try at least once.

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