Tips on Down Do’s for Prom

The down do looks great for any event or formal occasion like prom, This is a good option for girls who like to let their hair down and are more comfortable with it than having their hair trussed up. Down do’s look great with different dresses and there is also the added advantage of not having to worry about the hairstyle coming undone on the dance floor. Here we would be going through the various down do hairstyle options that girls have and reviewing some of the most popular down do hairstyles. Learn more about tips on down do’s for prom in this article

tips on down do's for prom

Tips on Down Do’s for Prom:-

There are various down do hairstyles as there are updo hairstyles, and these hairstyles look just as elegant as any updo’s. In a down do one can curl the hair, leave it straight, or go for the natural look depending on the look that one has decided on for the evening.

In a down do hairstyle, the  front hair can be  done up in multiple ways as well like off center sweeps, pleats and fringes for that added effect.  While an updo can take a lot of time to get done, a down do is simple and to do comfortable and looks great. This is one of the reasons why girls may prefer to go with a down do for the prom.

Different down do’s for the prom

Straight hair 

Straight silky hair looks sleek and chic and with a few simple touches and would look great at the prom. For straight hair for the prom, you should ensure that your hair looks sleek and silky. You can let your hair slightly sweep over your face, giving it a softening effect. This hairstyle looks great with almost any face. To style your straight hair for the prom, you can use a hair straightening gel to your hair after a shower. Ensure that you apply gel before you brush and blow your hair. For that straight sleek look you can also use a straightening iron .


You can go with a curly hairstyle for the prom, this hairstyle has loads of volume and lift and looks great. For that curly hairstyle with volume you can add spray to your still damp hair and then blow dry. For the curls use a curling iron to get bouncy curly hair. Finish up by using a brush for added volume.

Swept Fringe and Curls

Curly hairstyle with fringes is a great look for the prom, This down do is very simple and yet elegant  and  suits any face type.

For the curly hairstyle you can use styling gel to your hair immediately after a shower and then brushing it with a brush. For the fringe over the forehead, Part a section of hair from the crown. You can also use a curling iron to get those lovely curls. To top it off use a hairspray

You can follow the tips given in the tips on down do’s for prom to get that amazing gorgeous look. Down do’s look great for events like the prom and suit almost any face type.

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