Tattoo Tips for Girls

Just like getting a body part pierced, getting a tattoo also is a very a important decision that one can make as a tattoo on your body is permanent and hard to get rid of. It is because of this reason that you should give a lot of thought to what design you would like to have tattooed and the location of the tattoo. We would be covering some useful and informative tips in this article called Tattoo tips for girls.

tatoo tips for girls

Tattoo tips for girls:-

 If you have decided to get a tattoo for yourself, you can find various ways to get ideas for your tattoo design, you can check out the tattoo parlor near you, you can also get ideas or tattoos from magazines or books or you can give the tattoo artist a design of your own, something that you have come up with or a tattoo design of something that inspires you or you want to remember.

You can also get great tattoo ideas for girls from the internet, you can find an exact search for the design you want on the internet, there are a lot of websites on the internet that can help you find the design you are looking for. You can also get great tattoo ideas from your peers and friends, however you should ensure that you do not copy the same design that your friends have, try going for something that looks unique.

Tattoo designs for Girls

  • Go for tattoo designs like stars, moon  or sun ,which look great if styled differently
  • Try tattoo designs of insects if you want a smaller design, smaller designs look great and look cute.
  •  You can go for a rose tattoo design if you love roses.
  • Try going for a tattoo in a different language like Chinese, Japanese, and Hindi or Tibetan, these tattoos look cool.
  • You can also go for feminine tattoo designs like  flowers, angel wings, fairy, star, butterfly, Celtic and Zodiac symbols, dolphin, rose, decorative crosses, koi fish and heart

Best Tattoo Location Ideas For Girls
Once you select your tattoo you would now need to choose the prefect location for your tattoo. The location of your tattoo depends on whether you want top show off your tattoo or want it to be private. Here are a few tattoo location ideas for girls:

  • Lower back is a great place for a tattoo. It is a very feminine spot and remains hidden most of the times.
  • Near the shoulder is a great place for a tattoo as the left shoulder considered to be a femine side.
  • A tattoo on the ankle looks great and delicate, this area is covered most of the times and you can also flash your tattoo design.
  • The foot is also a great place for a tattoo, tattoos like a star look great on the foot.
  • You can also wear a tattoo on the arm, you can have a tattoo made on the wrist, lower arm or upper arm

Before you go with a tattoo design ,see how the design look sin the desired location. Once you have a tattoo done it is a very painful procedure to have it removed. It is always recommended that you look  around, research on your own to get that perfect tattoo design that you will love for as long as you have it.

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