Symptoms of Worms in Cats

Worms in cats

Cat owner are always on a lookout for Symptoms of Worms in Cats. Lets look at some of the most classic-symptoms of worms in cats.
By now cat owners must know that cats love to lick themselves and groom their shiny coat and this is one way by which thy can infect themselves with the rodents and mites on their coat, quite unknowingly. Mostly, the worm infestations are not serious, but one can never be too sure since sometimes they can be pretty severe. Sometimes these worms in cats can cause death to the cat and this is the reasons cat owners and pet owners in general must be sure that they are doing all the right things to keep the health of the cat intact. This is only to avoid serious health disorders on felines, and hence be on a lookout for symptoms of worms in cats. These are not very difficult to detect if one is on a lookout. Worms in cats can also be prevented at a very early stage especially if one is aware of its treatment. A consultation from a good vet is always a must. Lets learn more about symptoms of worms in cats.

Symptoms of worms in cats
Let’s look at the various symptoms of worms in cats. The most common symptoms of worms inc ats are:
There are different kinds of symptoms for different kind s of worms in cats. The most common types of worms in cats are: lungworms, hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms and heartworms. Lets look at the symptoms of cat worms in cats in each of these worm types.
Symptoms for Roundworms: These are the most common type of worms in cats as well as dogs and other such canines. They are whitish in color and can be easily detected in the stool and litter boxes of cats. They have tapering ends and the most common symptoms for roundworms are diarrhea, rounded tummies, vomiting worms out. Roundworms also cause little growth in kittens especially and a dull coat.
Symptoms for Tapeworms: Tapeworms are white in color and they are rather small. They are detected in the stool of the animal. They can be noticed around and under the tails of pets. They basically look like rice and they are around the anus of the pet. The symptoms for tapeworms are weight loss that too radical and hunger.
Symptoms for Hookworms: These are basically blood suckers and they attach themselves to the walls of the intestines of the pet and they feed on the blood of the Host. They are common in both cats and dogs. Hookworms cause a lot of loos of blood in the host. They can be extremely dangerous for kittens and the symptoms for Hookworms include anemia and diarrhea, pain in the abdomen and like mentioned earlier that it can be really fatal.
Symptoms for Heartworms: The name itself shows that these worms have something to do with the heart. And you have guessed it right, they impede the functions of the arteries, hearts and lungs of cats. These are tin and white they are pretty long. They tend to attach themselves to dogs more than cats and even a small number can be pretty fatal to cats. Symptoms of heartworms are loss in appetite, weight loss, wheezing, vomiting and coughing. Sometimes you may not see any symptoms and often results in sudden death.

Worms in cats can be quite severe, but most of them do have prescribed treatments. It’s a personal advice to keep the surroundings as clean as possible and to maintain the basic hygiene of the house. Keep the litter box as soon as possible, and dispose the vacuum bag as often as possible.

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