Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder is a mood disorder and is also known as maniac depression. In our day to day life we all experience swings and changes in our mood and sometime we feel good and sometime we are not in very good mood. This is common to all of us except the people suffering from Bipolar Disorder where these swings are intense and longer lasting. We all adjust ourselves to the various circumstances both good and bad but if a person suffers from Bipolar Disorder he tends to lose this capacity. The mood swings of a Bipolar Disorder are not momentous but they last longer and may last for days or even for months. Learn more about bipolar disorder and symptoms of bipolar disorder here.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder:

Bipolar Disorder as the name suggests has two extremes or poles, one is the mania pole and the second one is depression pole. Person suffering from this disorder gets very intense swings of moods between these two extremes. When in a manic state, the person may exhibit behaviors like taking decision impulsively and feels hyperactive while in the depression state he feels extremely lazy, lethargic and hopeless. These moods are so intense that they make person suffering to take disastrous decisions and land up in unwanted. Bipolar Disorder makes patient’s public and private life miserable and can cause him big damages.

The genesis and causes of this disorder are not known but it is many times a run in the family of the patient. People experience Bipolar Disorder generally in their teenage or early adult life. It is subtle and usually people fail to notice it due to lack of knowledge. Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder are not always severe but most often mild and remain unnoticed for long periods. Symptoms of this disorder are not only mood related but affect a large number of characteristics.

Bipolar Disorder apart from the mood has an effect on sleep, sex power, appetite, memory, judgment and energy levels. Manifestations of Bipolar Disorder vary from person to person and symptoms differ in frequency, intensity and pattern. In some people the mania dominates while in others depression is prominent and some have equal cycles of both. Therefore, the Bipolar Disorder is divided into four episodes viz. Mania, hypomania, depression and lastly the mixed episodes. Each four episodes have peculiar symptoms.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder mania

Maniacs of Bipolar Disorder are marked by hyperactivity and euphoria. They feel extremely good and will take decision like reckless expenditure and may get very angry if someone stops them or tries to correct them. This state is also sleep little and even may hear voices. Hypo maniacs show symptoms of a manic in lesser intensity and can carry out day to day activities. Hypomania may escalate into mania and is followed by major depression.

Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder Depression:

People who suffer from Bipolar Disorder in depression state has symptoms like getting irritated easily; they sleep and talk very little. Depressed person feels vey down and guilty and is mentally and physically sluggish. The person who suffers from Bipolar Disorder’s mixed episodes shows combination of symptoms of mania, hypomania, and depression. These patients show both high energy and low moods.

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