Stress Symptoms in Dogs

Stress in Dogs

Humans are generally exposed with tension and stress due to several factors that disturbs us. Dogs are not exempted from developing stress like us and similar to humans, stress and anxiety can be developed due to several reasons in dogs. Stress and stress symptoms in dogs are not something to be taken lightly as it is quite crucial over the stress experienced by us. Continue reading to have brief information on stress symptoms on dogs.

Stress Symptoms in Dogs

Generally, stress symptoms in dogs are developed due to some unrecognized causes. A study has stated that in some cases it is associated with health ailments in dogs. Some of the severe health condition makes the dogs behave inappropriately. It is the duty as well the responsibility of the pet owners to detect erratic behaviours in dogs. When the symptoms of stress in dogs is detected, the condition to be treated immediately, where failure to notice the stress symptoms in dogs obviously lead towards several health complications. The most unfortunate fact is, in most cases, the symptoms are left unrecognized, which results in developing severe physiological implications. dogs develop stress symptoms due to following factors.

  • A sense of separation, where the dogs are left alone in the home for longer hours
  • Introduction of new dogs or puppy
  • Changed / uncomfortable atmosphere or change of owners
  • Any pain or discomfort
  • Any disturbing illness
  • Fear
  • Loud music or noise like crackers, thunder, etc.
  • Ill treated by pet owners

Following are the common stress symptoms in dogs:

  • Behavioural changes – The first and foremost and most common symptom of stress in dogs is abnormal behaviour. Any strange and uncommon behaviour noticed in dogs is the apparent sign that something is wrong with the pets.  The unusual and strange behaviour include constant change in moods, no proper response to the pet owners, inability to consider or follow the instructions, change in routine habits, etc.
  • Excessive panting
  • Increased thirst and hunger
  • Change in food habits
  • Excessive barking
  • Troubled / disturbed sleep
  • Shivering
  • Confusion and impatience – It is more common in female dogs
  • Erratic and intolerable behaviour
  • Unexpected yet considerable amount of weight loss

When the pet owners detect any or few of the above symptoms of stress in dogs, the condition should be treated immediately by taking appropriate preventive measures. Dogs with severe symptoms of stress invariably require deep care and affection to get back to normal condition and regain the health. To no surprise, the effective cure for stress symptoms in dogs are nothing by love and care. Sometimes, the stress symptoms are associated with some medical conditions, in which the pet owners need to get diagnosis and medication from veterinarian.

Nutritional supplements, dietary changes with nutritious and healthy diet, over the counter medications, etc are the effective treatments for stress symptoms in dogs. Amino acids have the components that stimulate the brain health and assist in producing alpha waves, which results in creating a relaxed mood. Fluoxetine and clomipramine are the two popular over the counter drugs that effectively cure stress symptoms in dogs.

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