Steroid Diabetes

What is steroid diabetes?

There are some conditions like asthma, lupus, arthritis and addition’s diseases which require the treatment with steroids. The amount of steroids given to the patients are prescribed by the doctors, but if you have diabetes, then steroids normally raise the level of glucose in the blood and increase the possibility of steroid diabetes. Well you should not stop the treatment of taking steroids when you see the rising level; instead you should consult with your doctor and should ask about the managing strategy on how to control the steroid diabetes. You may even ask your doctor to prescribe some medication to control the level of glucose or can also prefer to change the medication.

If the steroids are prescribed for short duration, then you do not have to take tension as, after leaving the medication completely your glucose level in the blood will automatically come down. The drug normally prescribed is glucocorticoids, it is the type of steroid given as the medication for mentioned diseases. According to diabetes experts, steroid diabetes is very common these days, but they are unavoidable in case the sugar level is very high in blood. Let us have a look at the various symptoms of steroid diabetes along with the treatment, prevention methods and risk factors of steroid diabetes.

Risk factors of steroid diabetes

• With the longer use of steroid as the medication increase the risk of serious steroid diabetes

• Even higher dose taken at a time is also a risk factor

• Family history can also be responsible for the disease like type 2 diabetes

• Steroid diabetes possibilities is higher if you are already a diabetes patient and on the dose of disease like lupus and arthritis.

Symptoms of steroid diabetes

• Some of the expected signs of steroid diabetes are fatigue, polyuria, polyphagia and polydipsia.

• Infection becomes more prevalent due to the combination of immunosuppression and hyperglycemia.

• Some other Symptoms of steroid diabetes are proximal muscle weakness, thin skin, buffalo hump and edema

• Patient can also undergo unexpected wait loss.

• Thirst and frequent urination is some other sign of steroid diabetes.

Treatment of steroid diabetes

Steroid diabetes treatment which is normally recommended by doctors or diabetes experts are:

• Hospitalized the patient at the earliest for better treatment and care looking at the related sign and symptoms of steroid diabetes.

• Depending upon the severity of the disease, the treatment can be given in oral or in the form of insulin

• Nutritional insulin and basal insulin are recommended by the experts if the hyperglycemia due to GC is worse postprandially .

It is recommended that while you are on steroids it can be good if you follow some tips to reduce the level of glucose and the side effect of steroid. Some of the tips are:

• Regular exercise can help to manage the level of sugar that rises due to the intake of steroid as medication.

• Changing eating habits and eating the control and healthy diet impacts a lot. It helps to reduce the level of glucose.

• Keeping the weight under control is important.

So save yourself from the diabetes by following the above mention guidelines and suggested treatment.

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