Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

The smokey eye makeup has been around for a while now; however it’s been recently that smokey eye makeup has become popular among young and teenage girls who like wearing smokey eye makeup night and day. Smokey eye makeup look has also been made popular by many celebs like Kim Kardashian. Let’s look at some useful smokey eye makeup tips and a step by step tutorial for smokey eyes.

When you apply smokey eye makeup you need to ensure that a proper balance is maintained between the smokey eyes and lips. While traditional smokey eye makeup looks suggests that lips should be toned down if your eyes are bold, the modern smokey eye makeup looks strikes a right balance between bold smokey eyes and bright luscious lips.

Shades for Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

The secret to getting your smokey eye makeup right is to ensure that you select the right shades for your smokey eye makeup. You can mix multiple shades or go with one shade while applying smokey eye makeup. While selecting shades for smokey eye makeup you should take into consideration your skin tone, the color of your eyes and if the shade you choose suits you. If you want to go in for multiple shades in your smokey eye makeup you should ensure that you do it in a way that it looks good and does not get messed up, while pairing shades for smokey eye makeup you should ensure that the colors complement each other. Some of the shades that can be used for smokey eye makeup are blue, dark brown, green, gold, peach and purple.

How to Apply Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

We have some valuable tips on how to get smokey eye makeup done easily, Follow these simple steps on how to apply smokey eye makeup.

• To start off make sure that you have cleaned your skin and that it is oil and grime free.

• Apply a primer to your eyelids.

• Using a brush apply eyeliner to your eye lashes. You can start applying eyeliner to your upper and lower eye lashes and then apply eye from the inner corners to outer corners, ensuring that you work it into the base of your eyelashes to create a bold look ensuring not to leave any gaps in the eyeliner by blending the eyeliner with a smudger.

• Now apply the base eye shadow of a lighter shade. Apply a light shimmery cream shade or white shadow over the eyelid starting from the lash lines up to brows creating a base for the darker eye shadow.

• To create the smokey eye effect, apply a darker shaded eye shadow using a brush and evenly spread it out across the eyelids and blend well up into creases.

• Extend the eye shadow slightly past your outer corners to create the illusion of long, almond eyes.

• Apply plenty of mascara, mascara helps Bolden your eyes, as well as adds volume to your eyelashes.

• You could try out blue mascara which would make your eyes have a bold effect. And voila your smokey eye makeup is done.

Follow these simple smokey eye makeup tips and smokey eye makeup step by step tutorial for amazing smokey eyes.

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