Simple Nail Designs

Simple Nail Designs

Bored of your regular nail polishes? Don’t worry because we have the right mix of Simple Nail Designs for you. They are simple, and they are also less time consuming. In this fast life we can understand that you may not have the time to get the intricacies of nail polish designs. Simple Nail Designs are for those women who hardly have the time to tend for their nails, but at the same time want to try out something different and unique for their beautiful nails. You need to sit with your nail polishes and pair them with combo colors or else even contrast colors. You can get two or three pairs out of these. This is the first step for Simple Nail Designs.

Let’s look at some of the Simple Nail Designs

The most easiest of the Simple Nail Designs will be the nail design stick ons. These are real cute Simple Nail Designs and you can find them in a great deal of variations. There are 3D Simple Nail Designs, or pink Simple Nail Designs. They come in the Do-It-Yourself- Simple Nail Designs packs, which are really easy to apply. You need to first get the nails clean, Simple Nail Designs, look great on clean nails. Once your nails are clean you are not ready to apply your Simple Nail Designs. You have to apply two coats of nude varnish nail polish on your nails. You will now need to keep your nails against a paper and trace them out, once you have done that cut the traces according to the shape of the Simple Nail Designs that come in stick ons. They are very easy to cut. You will now need to get it some adhesive to stick the nail stick ons on your nails. Once you have stuck this you will need to apply another coat of varnish nude nail polish and leave it to dr. this is the easiest of the Simple Nail Designs.

One of the simplest nail designs are using the contrast nail designs, since you have paired the nail polishes according to the colors you have, all you need to do now is to get your paired up nail polishes together and apply them. Take a tooth pick an get ready for some Simple Nail Designs. You can take two shades, or even three according to your taste. Now you need to apply the lighter shade on the background of your nail and then you need to apply the darker shade on the surface; with a toothpick, by making three dots on the upper right hand corner of your nails. That’s it! That’s all you need to do. Wait for it to dry and then apply nude varnish nail polish onto your nails and leave it to dry the results are going to be great. You are going to love the look of your nails. Wasn’t that simple?

Try these few Simple Nail Designs at home and you will never go to a nail parlor again. Remember you can use three of four different shades of nail polishes at the same time, provided you know the color combo well, if you don’t, stick to just one or two colors till you haven’t practiced enough of these Simple Nail Designs.

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