Side Ponytail Hairstyle Tips

Side Ponytail Hairstyle Tips

So you plan to sport a Side Ponytail for the Prom? Personally I think its brilliant Idea; it’s something no one would think of simply because most people think it’s rather for Kiddies. Let me tell you that Side Ponytail Hairstyle Tips are not only for Kiddies, if they are made up properly they can be sported really well on numerous occasions. They can look elegant smart and really dainty. It’s a hairstyle well chosen for prom. Nothing would look better than a nice elegant side little ponytail that would steal the show. The best part about side ponytails are they look good on absolutely anyone with any kind of face structure be is round face or long face. They even look good on dark or fairer people. Additionally, they go well on long or short hair.

Popular Side Ponytail Tips

• French wrap around side ponytail. This one’s a newbie; what you need to do is make a partition of your hair into two. Right from the middle then you need to take one side of the hair and start plaiting it. Bring is around to the other side from the lower back of your head and adjoin it with the rest of your hair. Wear a nice clip that is colorful. Once you do it, you will know how awesome it looks. It’s a lot like the French Plat. You could even try doing a Dutch braid coupled with a side ponytail.

• Curl your side ponytail: first you got to make a side ponytail and then you could add some curlers on them and leave it for a while. When you remove the curlers the results are going to be gorgeous. In fact a lot of red carpet events are donned with celebrities wearing a side ponytail that is curled in this manner.

• Perm your side ponytail: this is especially meant for those who think that their hair volume is really thin. What you can do is take your hair onto one side. Do not perm around your scalp, just tie a simple side ponytail and perm it for yourself. You will see that your hair has gathered all the volume and is looking completely gorgeous. Try adding a headband.

• You can try adding some really glittery clips on the same or the opposite side of your ponytail. This will add to the glamour of side ponytails. It certainly looks different and original when you can add some accessories to your hair.

• You could try something like a twisted side ponytail. Now how you do it? Let’s see! Since it’s really easy to do. This one tops my chart of Side Ponytail Hairstyle Tips. First attach some clips on to your hair on the far end of your head. Leave some hair strands out especially those that frame your face, it just helps you soften the entire look. You then have to simply take all your hair onto one side and start twisting and twirling it. Don’t do it too hard as it might pain you. You then need to put some colorful rubber band that you may have. And then you have your twisted side ponytail ready!

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