Side Fishtail Braid

Side Fishtail Braid

Side Fishtail Braid is one of the most fashionable of all braids hairstyles ever. It’s one of the most feminine hairstyles that ever existed. In fact French fishtails are supposed to be quite severe, but Side Fishtail Braids are known to be really awesome. For those women who already have quite sharp features, Side Fishtail Braid works best for them.  Side Fishtail Braid looks a bit messy and absolutely perfect for an elegant evening out. The tousled look stays for a longer time, and one can always draw some hair around the face to frame the face better. Side Fishtail Braid works best on noodle straps or even the off-shoulders.

Things you need for a Side Fishtail Braid:

  • Wide toothed comb
  • Narrow toothed comb
  • Hair spray
  • Two hair bands same or matching colors
  • Styling gel
  • Shining serum
  • Large mirror


How to do the Side Fishtail Braid

In order to learn how to do the Side Fishtail Braid, you need to know how to do the fishtail braid first. Read our section on how to do a fishtail braid. It is simple and it is easy. Once you have learnt how to do the fishtail braid, you can not only do the Side Fishtail Braid easily but also other different creative hairstyles with considerable ease.

  • For the perfect Side Fishtail Braid you need to wash your hair 2-3 days in advance.
  • Remember to shampoo and condition your hair well in advance and not tie it up after you have washed them. They need to be jumpy and flowy for the Side Fishtail Braid.
  • For the Side Fishtail Braid you need to use the wide toothed brush first and comb away all the tangles, brush your hair well so that it looks fresh and clean.
  • Now you need to wet your hands with some water and run your hands against your hair. So as to slightly wet it, do not dampen it much.
  • Now you need to use some of the volumnising mousse or hair spray on to the entire length of the hair.
  • After keeping the volumnising mousse on for 2-3 minutes you need to now blow dry it.
  • Once you have finished blow drying you need to tie your hair up on to a pony tail.
  • Whether you want a high pony tail or a low one is upto you. However, a low one would be ideal.
  • You need to secure the ponytail onto one side of your hair and make a side parting of your hair. Not you need to gather the hair onto one side of your head.

Gather it on the opposite end from where you have parted the hair. Now you need to braid your hair according to the patent fishtail style.

For the Side Fishtail Braid you need to part your hair into two divisions. Gather one part of your hair from one side and take it to the other (left) side. You need to continue doing this until you have braided the entire length of your hair. Now you need to tie the other band at the end of your hair and leave a part of the lower ends of your hair loose.

This is the Side Fishtail Braid. Wasn’t it easy? You may need some more practice, and make your hand p0erfect at the Side Fishtail Braid. Remember there are many variations to the Side Fishtail Braid. There is the partial fishtail braid and the inverted fishtail braid too.

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