Shoulder Injuries in Dogs

Shoulder Injuries in Dogs

Dogs are generally quite active and are more likely to develop several minor injuries, where shoulder injuries in dogs are the more common health condition developed by energetic and active dogs. In general, it is caused due to very minor sprain or any strain in the muscles or joints or in the tendons associated and adjacent to the shoulder. Shoulder injuries in dogs can eventually result in limping in dogs and also likely to the main cause of lameness in dogs. Fortunately, there are quite a few apparent symptoms of shoulder injuries in dogs, from which the condition can be detected in advance to provide appropriate treatment and cure the condition.

Before getting to know about the causes and symptoms of shoulder injuries in dogs, all pet owners should know that dogs do not have any collarbones to get connected with the blades of the shoulder. Alternatively, there is a bone called humerus bone being connected directly with the shoulder socket, which facilitates the dogs in stretching the forelegs that makes leaping and running forward possible as well as easier. There is no surprise that even a small injury make the dogs to limp and puts more pressure on forelimbs. This condition is sometimes suspected wrongly as injury in the forelegs. Unfortunately, this misleading suspicion of shoulder injuries in dogs makes the pet owners to ignore the limping.

Major causes of shoulder injuries in dogs:

As stated earlier, dogs that are more active and energetic obviously develop shoulder injuries. Further, if the pets are likely to over use the muscles, it can cause shoulder injuries in dogs. For instance, too much of playing like jumping or running eventually strain the muscles as well the tendons of the muscles adjacent to the joint in shoulders. Abnormal activities injure the joints and the tendon muscles. In addition to these major causes, the condition can be developed due to any physical injury or trauma. Surprisingly, shoulder injuries in dogs are also common in lazy dogs. When the lazy pets are asked or forced to do some physical activity, the sudden pressure of such activity result in spraining the muscles as well the joints.  Similarly, obesity and overweight in dogs also cause shoulder injuries in dogs.

Symptoms and signs of shoulder injuries in dogs:

The major symptom of shoulder injuries in dogs is the limping, caused due to sprain the muscles and tendons. Other symptoms include the following.

  • Dogs refusing the commands of pet owner to do any activity, which is quite strange than usual.
  • Trying to put very little pressure on the forelimbs while walking
  • Reduced activities
  • Constant lifting one paws while walking or running
  • Hesitation to run or jump

Since these symptoms are also likely to be the signs of leg injuries in dogs, the pet owners should not conclude the condition and it makes better sense in getting appropriate diagnosis from a vet.

Treatment of shoulder injuries in dogs:

In most cases, the condition is likely to be very minor, which requires no treatment and it subsides in few days automatically. When the symptoms are associated with severe pain in dogs, consulting with a vet is quite important to cure shoulder injuries in dogs. When it is diagnosed that the injury is severe, Veterinarians prescribe X-rays to find the extent of the injury.  Treatment of shoulder injuries in dogs are totally determined by the extent of injury. Antibiotics are prescribed by the vets to reduce the pain and inflammation, if any. Further, the pet owners are instructed to reduce the physical activities of dogs completely until the recovery. Home remedies for shoulder injuries in dogs like good care, careful observation of activities, reducing the physical activities, etc. can cure the condition swiftly.

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