Seed Ticks on Cats

What are Seed Ticks on Cats

Seed Ticks on Cats are known to be quite lethal and if not treated timely can lead to various other related problems for your pet cat. One of the diseases caused due to Seed Ticks on Cats is Lyme disease. Here’s an article that talks about how you can do away with the problem of Seed Ticks on Cats.

Causes of seed ticks on cats

Usually when cats venture outside, they are prone to a lot of problems and can be quite an issue for the cat owner. There are Heartworms and Fleas that expose the cat to pretty much all kinds of dangers. Seed Ticks on Cats are one such disease in cats. They are really weird, ugly Multi legged things, usually brown in color and they attach themselves onto the skin of the cat and suck their blood. Ticks are known to be bloodsucking creatures that affect not only the cats but humans too. Fleas and Lice do not generally cause any problems to humans but ticks do. Ticks are not known to be insects they belong to a family called arachnid. They do not possess wings and crawl onto the skin of the host.

There are quite a number of types of Seed Ticks on Cats. Lets take a look at them. Haemobartonellosis, Lyme Disease, Cytauxzoonosis, Tularemia, Ehrlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Symptoms of seed ticks on cats

Symptoms of Seed Ticks on Cats include. Difficulty in the cat to breather, Stiffness in the joint, Lameness, Lethargic feeling and immense weight loss. Some cats are often allergic to ticks and they can be subjected to situations like inflammations and hot spot like thing, the way we see in dogs. Ticks can be extremely itchy and that’s another one of the symptoms of Seed Ticks on Cats. Cats usually adhere to licking which may not be such a good option since the disease may spread and the area develops a bump and becomes reddish.

Treatment of Seed Ticks on Cats

Seed Ticks on Cats are really small and can hardly be made visible to the eye. This is one big problem with Seed Ticks on Cats. This is the reason the treatment of Seed Ticks on Cats is very difficult. However, there is another problem that is you can hardly see the Seed Ticks on Cats until they multiply and become large in number and by then the poor cat has suffered enough. There is one common way of removing ticks that is use some tape used for some packaging over the area and try removing it. Once you remove it you will se that Seed Ticks on Cats are sticking on to it.

Another way to remove Seed Ticks on Cats is to treat the entire house and outside lawn with tick removal. This is very essential especially when you have children since they are the once who suffer the most from Seed Ticks on Cats. See to it that there is no recurrence of Seed Ticks on Cats. Consult the vet for further instructions on Seed Ticks on Cats.

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