Scratched Cornea in Dogs

Scratched cornea in dogs is a condition that usually takes place because of any trauma to the dog’s eyes, like injuries, accidents, and exposure to harmful substances. There are a lot of symptoms and causes that indicates towards scratched cornea in dogs’. There are several treatments and remedies for Scratched Cornea in Dogs. Let us first see the anatomy of the cornea .Cornea of the eye is a soft and delicate part. It forms the slender and clear covering of the eye and it is acknowledged as the outer capsule of the dog’s eye. One of the principal characteristics of the cornea cells is that they are the only transparent cells present in the body. The cornea is also a part that is not nourished by blood; instead of blood the tears in the eyes are the chemical agents that play the role of nourishing for the cornea. It is because of the tear fluids and the aqueous humor present in the eye that the cornea functions effectively.

Causes of scratched cornea in dogs

Generally, the major causes of scratched cornea in dogs are the injuries that a dog sustains, may be due to the dog fights. Some other dog eye diseases may frequently lead to scratched cornea in dogs, due to injury to the other parts of the eyes through uveitis, conjunctivitis. The position of the cornea is approximately on the external edge of the eyes and this makes it vulnerable to injuries, scratches and a variety of other injuries. The Scratched cornea in dogs is also known as lacerated cornea in dogs. In severe cases of scratched cornea in dogs, which is a canine eye ailment, the eyes of the dog develop scratches, scrapes and ulceration. The scratched cornea in dog can be a cause of acute pain, if the uneasiness is not cured in the early stages of the eye trouble.

Symptoms of scratched cornea in dogs

Symptoms of Scratched Cornea in Dogs consist of pain, sensation of a foreign-body in the eye, excessive squinting, photophobia, and a reflex production of tears in the eyes. Signs of Scratched Cornea in Dogs comprise epithelial defects and edema in the eyes, and frequently conjunctival injection may occur, inflamed eyelids, large pupils and also a mild anterior-chamber reaction may happen. The vision of the dog may get blurred; both from any inflammation of the cornea and the surplus tear secretions. In Scratched Cornea in Dogs a crusty build up due to excess tears may also be there. Scraping and prick injuries are the most frequent causes of scratched cornea in dogs. It is extremely likely that the dog may hurt itself, accidentally, if it encounters some pointed or blunt article.

Treatment of scratched cornea in dogs

The treatment for Scratched Cornea in Dogs can be easy if the scratches are not too deep. Simple instances of Scratched Cornea in Dogs can be healed by giving antibiotics, pupil dilators, etc to the dogs. Proper dog collars may be used to avert self trauma to prevent Scratched Cornea in Dogs. Scratched Cornea in Dogs that have developed into a deep lesion may call for surgery. At the start, the doctor will heal the uneasiness of the dog by some medicines but later, surgery would be necessary.

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