Red Lip Makeup

Red Lip Makeup

Lip make up makes a woman look gorgeous, this is a known fact. In order to get those awesome sizzling lips you need to understand how lip makeup is done in the first place. Lip makeup plays an important part in the face makeup. With the help of a variety of cosmetic products you can get thee kind of lips that you want to sport. Dark lips make you look bold and sensuous, just like a go getter. Then there are the subtle shy colors that bring out the coyness in your which lend a very feminine look to you. Red Lip Makeup is like a go between. It falls somewhere in the purview of bold and beautiful and the feminine cool self. It’s for the woman of today. To understand how you can don the Red Lip Makeup, you need to read further for Red Lip Makeup tips.

Lip make up can make or break your looks; it has the qualities to make you look gorgeous if you have been able to do it well. But then if you haven’t been successful to do it well it can make you look like a total wreck. The right Red Lip Makeup not only brings grace to your face but also to your entire personality.

How to apply Red Lip Makeup

1. You first and foremost need to choose the right red lip shade for your lips. Post this; you need to understand which shade will suit you the best. Look for blue or turquoise undertones of red. That will look great on almost any skin shade.

2. Once you have chosen the shade of lipstick you need to work on getting the base of your makeup ready. In case you have dry chapped lips you need to apply some good balms to make it soft and smooth. Look for a good quality balm for your lips. You then need to prepare your lips to withhold some nice makeup.

3. Apply one layer of foundation and dust some cosmetic powder on it with a well-rounded brush. Choose the apt lip liner and see to it that the lip liner is the exact match to your lips stick. Lighter lip liners won’t show and darker ones will lend a very harsh look to your lips.

4. Using the lip liner bring out the definite shape of your lips. You now need to fill color. This is the actually fun time for you. Get a nice natural shade of red and fill the color in. Natural looks are always preferred instead of a rough / artificial look.

5. Apply the lip gloss in such a way that it doesn’t bleed out the lipstick. Apply it right over the Red Lip Makeup to make it look even more luscious and happening. To prevent bleeding of lipstick, add some compact powder on the area around your lips. When you do this, you will see that the area around the lips is clean. However, if you think you have very thick lips try not to use gloss; it makes the lips look extremely thick and voluptuous.

6. Your Red Lip Makeup is ready.

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