Rashes in Dogs

Rashes in Dogs

Rashes in Dogs are one of the skin problems commonly found in dogs. We all would have probably seen the street dogs with rashes on skin. It is very common in street dogs affected by rashes, which caused due to polluted and unclean surroundings. Unfortunately, skin rashes in dogs are also found on home dogs i.e pets, which occur due to various reasons. If you are pet owner, you should know about the health condition and the problems that might occur in your dogs. Skin rashes in dogs are similar to some complicated health problems in dogs. Pet owners need to take extreme care while dealing with the skin rashes, because the condition is very difficult to control. Moreover, it might take a long period to get rid of the rashes, where the dogs are affected for a longer period.

Causes of skin rashes in dogs:

Skin rashes in dogs are caused due to different reasons. The major causes of skin rashes in dogs include allergic condition, food allergy, environmental allergy, exposure in unhygienic condition, bug bites, worms, parasites like fleas, lice, etc. Further, causes of skin rashes in dogs vary in accordance with the type of rashes, which include the following:

  • Bacterial infection – The bacteria called staphylococci cause skin rashes in dogs. Even though bacterial skin rashes are not contagious, they are quite irritable in dogs, which make them to itch a lot.
  • Fungal infection – Ring worm is the culprit causing fungal infected skin rashes in dogs and it is a contagious disease. This kind of infection is quite common in younger dogs. The condition should be detected in the initial stages, otherwise the rashes spread through all parts of the body quickly.
  • Allergies – Different types of allergies or allergic condition causes skin rashes in dogs and include food allergy,  shampoo residue, drug allergy, polluted or unhygienic environment, etc.

Symptoms of rashes in dogs:

The most common symptom of rashes in dogs is itchy skin. However, since most of the dogs are just habituated to scratching the skin, it is quite difficult to detect the actual condition. Other major symptom of rashes in dogs is the chronic ear infection or recurrent ear infections. Some other uncommon or rare symptom of rashes in dogs includes the following:

  • Hair loss due to itching
  • Dermatitis i.e Skin Infection
  • Frequent bowel movements

Treatment of skin rashes in dogs:

Since the skin rashes in dogs to be attended with immediate treatment, the pet owners should be aware about the condition, causes and the treatment options. Fortunately, there are several home remedies of skin rashes in dogs, which are quite effective in treating the condition. Following are the few remedial measures help in relieving the dogs from the rashes and itching with immediate effect.

  • Milk of Magnesia – relives the dogs from irritating and itching skin
  • Aloe Vera Cream – has elements containing natural healing powers
  • Baking soda – provide instant relief
  • Oatmeal shampoo – Keeps the dog’s skin healthy

By providing any of the instant remedial measure mentioned above, the dogs are relived from skin rashes. However, the dogs should be taken to veterinarians for appropriate diagnosis to prevent the further infection.

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