Quad Core vs Dual Core Processors

Quad core vs dual core processors

Today’s computer users have a wide range of high end processors to choose from. If you are looking for a high end computer processor you can choose from a range of quad core or dual core processors. Here we would be comparing the quad core processors vs dual core processors to see which suits our needs. Learn more in the quad core vs dual core processor writeup.

Quad core vs dual core

A quad core CPU won’t always run four times faster than a single core CPU.

A Quad core processor will be of not much use if you are primarily a gamer. Games don’t just gain a degree of improved performance with quad, dual, and the duals tend to have a superior optimum overclock than quads.

Its obvious that the E6850 or E6750 are overpriced dual cores. So frankly speaking it is unwise to recommend them.

The E8400 is a remarkable deal for a price of$200, With a 9x multiplier, gist is that we won’t have to run some absurd FSB speeds to get 4+ghz. 4.5ghz is Quite achievable with this chip.

Quad core CPUs are fresh to the market and have not yet taken over the dual core processors. Here we take a comparative study at the dual core vs quad core.

As the name suggests, quad core processor means, it is made up of 4 processors. Thus run faster than a single or dual core. They do not always tender you Adequate performance boost to need 4 cores, because the working of a quad core CPU Stands on the algorithms used in those programs that you run.

The advantages & disadvantages of dual-core & quad-core processor:

Advantages and disadvantages of Quad core vs Dual core are:


– Low heat generation

– Sound overclocking capabilities

– Low power consumption

– Low priced

– A dual core has a higher stock and overclocking speed


– Higher heat generation

– greater power consumption

– inferior overclocking capabilities

– High priced

– Though double the cores than that of dual-core, the step up in any given app that supports 4-cores isn’t doubled.

Power consumption Quad core vs Dual core processors

Comparision in terms of power consumption in Quad core vs Dual core

– Higher for quads Both at idle and load condition.

– noticible increase in electricity bill.

Overclocking Quad core vs Dual core processors

Comparison of Overclocking in Quad core vs Dual core

Quad-cores lose out to dual-cores in terms of overclocking:

1) Speed – dual core can overclock higher

2) FSB – quad-cores normally have a lower max FSB, mainly only not due to heat but bus speed issues.

3) A quad core needs more tweaks in BIOS.

Prices Quad core vs Dual core processors

Price comparison of quad core vs dual core

Dual-cores is cheaper than quad-cores. Though generally has a faster speed.

The study of pros & cons makes the picture bit ambiguous.

Advantages of dual-core Core 2 Duo E6850 over the quad-core Core 2 Quad Q6600 are as follows:

– almost 25 per cent elevated clock speed ensures better performance

– superior bus frequency increases the memory subsystem performance.

– nearly 46 per cent lower heat dissipation that employs relatively simple and cheaper cooling solutions.

The rewards of the quad-core Core 2 Quad Q6600 over dual-core Core 2 Duo E6850 are as follows:

– Two times the computational cores that Bets higher performance in multithreaded apps.

– Double the size of L2 cache memory.

Quad core vs Dual core processors for gamers:

-it is to be understood that Graphic card is more important than a CPU

– Money saved to get a dual-core instead of a quad-core can Fetch Quality graphic cards.

Practically speaking, the quad-core is ahead in software development, Particularly in conventional user applications & games. Quite a few quad core Users may be under using their quad core, which, if swaped with an equally priced dual-core, would perhaps Delivered supplementary advantages in all aspects of computing.

Decision is all yours… but this was just an effort to draw the Attention On Quad core vs dual core before your go for a purchase.

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