Purple Smokey Eye Makeup

The Purple Smokey eye makeup has had quite an effect on women of all ages these days. You see Purple Smokey eye makeup in soap operas, awards, movies you want it and you have it. That’s the rage that the Purple Smokey eyes makeup has on people these days. Earlier Purple Smokey eye makeup were a rage among the night makeup campaigns, but now, if made a tad sober Purple Smokey eye makeup can be pulled off during the daytime too. Purple Smokey eyes makeup; bring the mysticism and that mysterious look that girls crave for. The best part being Purple Smokey eyes makeup is extremely easy and can live up to the expectations of most party animals. The style and technique of Purple Smokey eye makeup can be rounded off with one word –Blending—, that’s all you really need to look like an absolute Diva on that great party night. So what’s stopping you?

Purple Smokey eye makeup tips

Let’s go through the things you need rather quickly for Purple Smokey eye makeup.

How to apply Purple Smokey Eyes

Follow these simple steps on how to apply purple eye makeup here.

• Your first step towards your Purple Smokey Eye Makeup is to set the eye lid i.e. be careful about makeup getting stuck in between eye lids and begins to melt. This is the best way to keep the eye lid Oil -free.

• You should then be applying the eyeliner along the corners of your eye lash. Use purple eyeliner, if you do have one for purple smokey eye makeup. Even black would do. The eyeliner should grow thicker in the middle and thinner towards the edges. You could also try a dash of shimmer, for that perfect Purple Smokey Eye makeup. You can also find a Jewel toned eyeliner these days in the market. It’s doing famous rounds try that if you wish for change.

• The next step is to smudge, smudge and smudge, that’s the secret to perfect purple smokey eye makeup. You must begin with smudging the eyeliner… This will make the bottom of your eye to appear darker than the rest of your eye. This is the key part of the make up to acquire Purple Smokey Eyes. The smudging should be towards the upper lash and not the lower. The key here is to smudge really well to get the right effect. Use some cotton if your finger tips are way too smudged with color. Once this is the done the effect the eye shadow brings to your eyes will be brilliant.

• After the eye liner is completely smudged (try some dusting about the eyes in case it’s become unclean) it should have acquired a hazy look by now. Sweep in a lighter shade of eye shadow through the middle. Some shimmery champagne shade should have a pretty good effect on to the eventual Purple Smokey Eye makeup. See that the eyeliner and the shimmer are smudged in well. It will produce better results for a better Purple Smokey Eyes.

• Put a dash of purple right in the centre, once again smudge. Remember the darker shade will be towards the upper eyelash and it must lighten as it moves upwards. Needless to say all the colors need to blend in well. You will now need to define your Purple Smokey Eye makeup.

• The final magic must be created with the brush. That is acquiring the final Purple Smokey Eyes look. Shape the eye shadow. Use an eye shadow that suits your skin tone the best to clear the areas around your eyes.

Follow the simple steps given in this purple smokey eye makeup tutorial. You can use purple smokey eye makeup tips for a party or every day makeup.

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