Prom Updo Tips

Updos are always a favourite when it comes to choosing hairstyles for the prom, The reason for this is that there are so many different ways that hair can be styled in updos to give you a classy, elegant yet sexy look that is so sought after by girls at the prom .In this section we would be looking at different updos that can be used for the prom. Learn more about prom updo tips here.

prom updo tips

Prom Updo Tips

Updos give the girl a chic look, opening up the facial area bringing out the feminine features of the face, especially when the hair is styled up and away from the face. Updos go great with prom dresses as you do not have hair covering any part of the dress. While updos are great for events like the prom, some women are not comfortable carrying this look due to the stress it places on the face. Updos create a softening effect on the face through features like strands down the sides of the face making it easy to come up with different hairstyles that look great for events like the prom.

Fancy Bun

The fancy bun updo has a loop at the back and a swept front look. The great part about updos is that you can create different styles that are easy to do. The Fancy bun updo accentuates the facial features of a girl and are best suited for girls with oval faces. This is a great hairstyle for the prom.

Classic Messy Updo

The classic messy updo is a great hairstyle for the prom. While some girls may not like this look, it is very chic and sexy and accentuates a beautiful face. The messy updo is not the easiest of hairstyles to get due to the fact that it is first curled and brushed upwards with strands untied to give a messy appearance, securing the hair but at the same time ensuring that it is not too tight.

Bun at the Nape

The bun at the nape has the hair tied at the nape of the neck slightly to one side. The slight sweeps of the hair in the front along with the curls help soften the features to this updo.

Prom Updo Tips

Whenever you are deciding on which updo to go with for the prom, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. You should think about how your hair would look, how do you want the front to look?  What look do you want for the back? Many girls would want to go with a hairstyle that is comfortable, because a prom is a place you would want to have fun rather than spend time caring for your hairstyle. You can go with a simple bun for the prom which is not very complicated and you would not have to worry about your hair. For the front hair you can go with a fringe, peats or locks you can also have hanging tendrils on the side of the face or have a messy look.

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