Prom Makeup Tips

Prom Makeup

Prom is the day when a girl transforms herself into a woman. It’s a day that will be etched in her memory for many many years to come. It’s the dream of every girl to become a prom queen and we are right here to help you do that. Even if you already know how to dress for your prom night, we are here to give you some useful Prom Makeup Tips only to help you with your ordeal. So go on and read the following Prom Makeup Tips.

You need to work around for the right eye make up to your hair to everything from attire to shoes. We are sure that you have your outfit and shoes ready for the big prom night. And you are looking for some last minute Prom Makeup Tips so that you can look your best on the D Day.

Prom Makeup Tips

You need to first decide what you planning to wear on the night of the prom. Because rest everything from shoes to makeup revolves around this one thing. You need to then choose what shoes you are planning on wearing. Once you have chosen this you need to decide on the make up. Now remember that you need to even it out. You cannot be wearing a very loud dress and loud shoes and an equally loud makeup. Hence, you need to even out what you are planning to wear for the prom night. We also have one of the articles on prom hairstyles you should take a look at that.

Prom Makeup Tips- foundation: foundation forms the base for any makeup tips. It’s the mot important and the most neglected part in the make up. When you have your foundation ready and done well the rest automatically follows. Now we have a range of foundations to choose from; liquid foundation, creamy foundation, powdered foundation. You will need to later even this foundation out with some face compact foundation, or else it will look very blotchy.

Prom Makeup Tips for the cheeks: Blush is what we are talking about when we say Prom Makeup Tips for the cheeks. Now foundation and the blush need to blend in with each other. Don’t make the color of your blush stand out. You need to pucker in your lips and apply the blush outwards.

Prom Makeup Tips for the eyes: Eyes are the most prominent features in a woman. This is one feature that the boys are going to be on a look out for. You could try a subtle Smokey makeup. Blend in the color with your dress, for example if you have a lavender dress you could have a purple Smokey makeup. For more on purple Smokey makeup you can refer to other articles on this website.

Prom Makeup Tips for the lips: now when it comes to the lips you could go traditional. This means, go with the usual reds and maroons. You could even try using some lip liner if you like. It’s a forgotten use, but you could revive it in style. One of the tricks for Prom Makeup Tips for the lips is that, after you wear your lipstick you can top it off with some lip gloss, for those perfect kissable lips.

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