Prom Half updos

When it comes to prom hairstyles, girls do have a lot of options to choose from. Every hairstyle has its own unique characteristics and depending on the look you want to sport you and your hair length you can either go with updos, down dos or half dos. Half updos are a great look to choose for prom, because half dos offer the chic updo touch and relaxing down dos feel, making it a perfect hairstyle. Half updos for prom are easy to do and not complicated at all. Half updos are gaining in popularity and are a great look for formal occasions like the prom. Here we would be learning more about half updos. Read on for more on Prom half updos.

prom half updos

Prom Half updos

Combinations of Prom half updos

When it comes to prom half updos, there are different hairstyles that can be made by making changes to the layout of the hair in the front and back. You can go with curls, straight hair or pleats for the front and pinned, curled or made into a ponytail at the back depending on the look you want for the prom.

Pinned Back Curls Prom half updo

The pinned back curls half updo is a very easily created hairstyle and looks gorgeous for the prom. In the pinned back curls half updo the hair is curled and pinned back at the nape, making it very easy to style. You can use a styling product like hair spray for added bounce and volume.

High Sweep Prom half updo

The high sweep half updo is a great example of a hairstyle that combines the looks of curls and a updo. In the high sweep half updo, the hair is parted in sections, adding a sweep in the front that looks great. For the updo effect the hair is lifted from the crown and pinned on the nape.

For the high sweep half updo the styling is very easy and not complicated. Styling is not very hard as well.

Tips on High sweep prom half updo

  • Apply smoothing gel to your damp hair, blow dry and brush with a paddle brush.
  • Part your hair into sections in the front to create a sweep.
  • Brush your hair from the crown to create a appearance like a bun.

Half updos are a great hairstyle and look great for the prom if matched with the right dress. In this section on half updos we have touched on the two most popular styles. You can follow the tips in the prom half updos section for that perfect look for the prom.

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