Prom Hairstyles 2011

You have everything ready for the prom night. The dress, the shoes and the accessories you chose are sure enough to make you look attractive and be in the limelight. One of the thing, you might have overlooked is a hairstyle that would match your look for the prom.  The right hairstyle along with many other things can make you feel beautiful and confident. The prom night is the night to be remembered. You get one chance to look dazzling on the prom night… so make the most out of it with these prom hairstyles 2011.  These prom hairstyles will help you along your way in making your prom unforgettable.

Prom hairstyle 2011Celebrities seem to rule the red carpet and for you to rule the prom, you need to give an equally superb performance. Classic hairstyles for prom like ponytails, styling your hair half up half down, wearing your hair down with curls or waves are the best hairstyles to bank upon. But if you want something new, the latest hairstyles for prom 2011 are for you. They are glamorous hairstyles perfect for prom. Let us go through the most popular choices of prom hairstyles 2011.

Curly side style:
Curls look the best when teamed up with a sexy gown. In this, the hair is combed to the side and it is full of medium sized spiral curls. It is then pinned to the side with a decorative pin.

Classic braided hairstyles:

This classic hairstyle has come back in a big way. You can incorporate various braids to look stunning at your prom. They are so simple that they can be done at home. You can create a Grecian Goddess look by making small braids back from the face. You can go big or small on the braided style. Sideway French braid that ends in a braided bun or a chignon is a hot hairstyle for prom 2011. You can dazzle in a fishtail variation of the braided hairstyle if paired with a bold halter dress.

Messy Updos:

Whether you have long, short or medium hair, you can make the prom night truly yours by keeping your hair messy. You can have an elegant look by wearing a tiara or live flowers or throw the hair up in a soft style.  If you have long hair, you can put p your hair in a ponytail or a bun and then pull out some side-swept bangs. If the length of your hair is medium, put up your hair in a normal bun or a side bun.  If you have short hair and you want to sport this hairstyle, you would need extensions to your hair. Once that’s done, put your hair up in a bun. A quick messy look can be created in a half up half down updo.  Pull your hair back and tie. Use your fingers instead of a brush to pull out the hair from the tie from the middle to give it a bit of volume. Customize the hairstyle to suit your style and then fix the hair with the help of a hairspray.

Some prom hairstyles 2011 are glamorous, some are trendy, some are sexy while some are classic. Whatever your prom hairstyle is, be sure that it suits your body, face, dress and most importantly your personality.

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