Prom Eye makeup Tips

It’s a lifetime opportunity to dress up for the prom night and look like you have never looked before. What is going to make you through looking like a million bucks is some awesome prom eye makeup tips. These easy prom eye makeup tips work wonders on your prom night look. So just relax and work on these easy tips, after all you have more difficult choices to make, like selecting the shoes and the dress.  Learn more about prom eye makeup and prom eye makeup tips here.

prom eye makeup tipsProm Eye Makeup Tips

Strong Style Statement: If you are the one who like to make heads turn around with your bold stunning looks, you can choose vibrant hues to complement your face and your dress.

Low-key Appearance: For a subtle look, you may want to highlight your makeup with bold colors but keep the dress color neutral. Be creative and experiment with your looks and surprise everyone at the prom night with a complete makeover.

Eye makeup is sure to make a huge difference to you look. Your eye makeup can be vibrant and sassy or elegant and subtle. You can tailor-make your eye makeup to suit your dress and your personality. Make a grand entry and kick-start your prom night in style with these prom eye makeup tips!

Prom Eye Makeup Tips

You want heads to turn the moment you enter the room. You can never go wrong with eye makeup. Your sparkling, smouldering and bright eyes will help you to get the attention you need.

Metallic colors for your eyes are an excellent choice for your prom night. Start with an eye shadow base and apply it to your eyelids. Line your eyelash with black eyeliner and smudge it gently.

The trick to achieve dramatic flashy eyes without applying tons of makeup is to apply a base to your eyelids and then dust a vibrant hue like turquoise, fuchsia, violet or darker shades like plum-brown. Finish the look with glitter and you are ready to make a dashing appearance.

On prom night, with these prom eye makeup tips, play up your eyes and create a beautiful look that will be remembered for the years to come.

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