Prevention of Heart Attacks

An epidemic called heart disease has claimed an amazing amount of lives every year throughout the world. There are probably a million people in this very standing date who suffer from this disease. The rate of mortality is the highest of the people suffering from this disease. Reasons being: the modern day lifestyle, unhealthy ways of living etc. These are probably just two of the numerous ‘preventive’ reasons that form the primal causes of heart diseases all over the world today. There are numerous preventive measures that can be taken to prevent heart attacks. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

Prevention of Heart Attacks

One of the most important and easy ways of prevention of heart attacks is by controlling one’s weight. Obesity is considered to be the number one cause of heart disease. Those people who are known to be obese are at a very high risk of contracting heart disease than those who are considered relatively thinner. Hence, if you are overweight, you should immediately take measures to keep your weight within normal range. Those with an ample amount of belly fat especially are prone to heart diseases, hypertension and diabetes. The good news is that, it is probably the easiest to rid of fat from your body.

Smokers beware because the other primal factor that causes the heart to be affected is smoking. The best way of living a normal and healthy life and to prevent heart disease is by stopping to smoke. Smokers stand at a risk of acquiring lung cancer which is lethal to one’s health. Smoking constricts the heart vessels, thus restricting the heart to pump blood and circulate it accordingly. Smoking also releases a variety of toxins into one’s bloodstream, which reverses the quality and quantity of oxygen that is passed into our body. It is thus advisable to quit smoking as early as possible to prevent heart attacks or any other form of heart diseases. It may be noted that the low nicotine cigarettes made available in market are just as harmful for the heart as the normal cigarettes.

It is advisable to follow a lifestyle that allows us to be free from any susceptible diseases. Foods with high fat content and refined oil must be avoided because it causes much damage to our system. Food containing high amounts of cholesterol must also be avoided since it increases the risk of heart attacks. Diets which are prone to lower amounts of fat are advisable to prevent heart attacks; As well as the inclusion of fruits and vegetables in the diet.

Lastly, as your family doctor may have lent this word of advice to you, if you do feel you are in the process of having a heart attack, it is advisable to ‘chew’ one tablet of aspirin while you are waiting for the ambulance to arrive. Aspirins are known to cut heart attacks; however, they are not very effective when it comes to strokes. Hence, primary prevention with aspirin decreases the risk of cardiovascular events. Do not take aspirin if you are allergic to one. Aspirin is known to be one of the commonest precautions or prevention of  heart attacks.

Please remember that there are probably several risk factors associated with heart attacks. If heart attacks are to be prevented it must be nipped at the bud itself. It is thus mandatory to heed to the factors mentioned above and live a healthy and plentiful life.

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