Pregnancy Skincare

Pregnancy or gestational period is an unusual phase where the pregnant women need to take utmost care about health, which includes skin care. Pregnant women normally undergo numerous hormonal changes in the first trimester period, which eventually reflect in skin health. Eventually, pregnant women should take appropriate care about their skin health. Pregnancy skin care is quite different from regular skin care and not all skin care products can be used during pregnancy. Safe pregnancy skin care is the vital part of skin care where even a small misleading product can ruin the life of mother as well as baby. Melasma, Acne, eruptions in skin, sagged or dry skin, dark patches or pigmented skin, varicose veins, etc are the common skin problems experienced by pregnant women.

Best pregnancy skin care products:

It is highly recommended to use only natural and herbal products. Natural pregnancy skin care products are the safest product on skin and health. Most of the pregnant women suffer a lot from acne. For treating acne, they can consider natural and homemade remedies. Oral contraceptive pills i.e birth control pills are found to be effective in treating acne, however it is not safe to take these medications when one is pregnant. Moreover, pregnancy skin care products should not include any oral medicines or drugs, because it can impact the fetus growth. Further, pregnant women should not use any products containing a few ingredients. Skin care ingredients to avoid during pregnancy include salicylic acid, retinoids, glycolic acid and benzyl peroxide, which are harmful both to mother and the baby.

Pigmented skin, discoloration of skin and darker skin are the other major skin problem experienced in third trimester period. However, there is no effective treatment for pigmentation or discoloration of skin during pregnancy because it results due to hormonal changes. Moreover, after delivering the baby, pregnant women would be surprised with the elimination of pigmentation or patches on their skin. It is better to use natural skin care products with rich vitamin C content or eat food rich in vitamin C, which is effective in treating the pigmentation.

When it comes to makeup, pregnant women should not consider wearing heavy makeup with heavier cosmetics, which might affect the health of fetus. They can consider using the makeup products made from organic and natural ingredients, which is safe on skin.

Natural products are the safe pregnancy skin care products.

Pregnancy skin care tips:

  • Get adequate sleep and nutritious solid as well as liquid food. Stay in a relaxed and calm mood.
  • Drink lot of water and coconut milk
  • Use moisturizer on face, neck, hands and legs, which prevents dehydration of skin
  • Add lot of fresh fruits in the diet
  • Prefer cotton outfits to avoid rashes and other skin problems
  • Go for a steam with eucalyptus and neem oil, which removes the pores and cleanses the skin
  • Go for a mud or clay mask for treating the blemishes of skin
  • If you could not avoid makeup, switchover to mineral makeup.

Post pregnancy skin care requires the mother to keep herself clean and hygienic. Eventually, it is not recommended to use any cosmetics for minimum of three months. You can always go for popular pregnancy skin care brand products that are rich in natural ingredients. All pregnancy skin care problems experienced during pregnancy period tend to disappear instantly after delivering the baby.

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