Pouty Lip Makeup Tips

Pouty Lip Makeup

One of the best ways to do up a Pouty Lip Makeup is to know the exact ways of complementing the shape of your lips. If you know and understand the shape of your lips is much easier to wear a Pouty Lip Makeup. Lets look at some simple pouty lips makeup tips here.

Pouty lips makeup tips

Let’s look at some of the most amazing ways to a Pouty Lip Makeup tips:

• Quite frankly, even the least amount of gloss would bring out the poutiness of your pouty lips. This is because it is a quality of a good lip gloss that makes your pouty lips look fuller plumpier and more awesome. It brings about a three-dimensional look to your pouty lips that is unquestionably delicious. A well applied make up can truly make heads turn. One of the most traditional ways; with that we are talking about the times in 1960’s when pouty lips were totally in vogue. The trick is to apply the shade of lipstick of your choice and then apply the lip gloss over it. It brings a natural pout to your mouth. This method can be used with or without the lipstick depending on the place where you are planning to sport the pout. If its going to be a dressy wedding apply the lipstick generously, and if it’s going to be a casual date especially in the morning time. Just keep a low key and apply lip gloss. Nude colors have their own effect on the lips and can really bring the pout to your beautiful face.

• There are quite a number of things that you can do with mere gloss for pouty lips. For this pouty lip makeup tip 2 you need to basically posses two different shades of lip gloss. Don’t let the shades be very different, since it will look a little absurd. Now what you need to do is this. You need to use the darker shade of lip gloss towards the corners of your pouty lips and then use the lighter shade of lip gloss onto the front portion of your lips. You then need to smudge the two shades, with the lighter one. Don’t over do the darker shade, and it’s really okay if you have the lighter shade of lip gloss showing up. This is one of the easiest techniques to bring about a pouty lip makeup.

• The next pouty lip makeup tip is again an easy one. This one’s mainly for casual occasions, but you can sport this pouty lip look even on wedding and other such occasions. This may sound a tad traditional but having experimented with this tip you are surely going to admire the results in your mirror. We are talking about the age old Lip Liner. Why not purchase them back, and this is what you are going to do to get those perfect pouty lips. You need to apply some powder onto your pouty lips and then you need to apply the lip liner. Be careful while you are applying them. You are allowed to apply them quite generously. Once you have done this, you need to use some clove oil apply it on your lips. If you don’t wish to apply clove oil directly you can use some lip balm with either clove or cinnamon oil and apply them this is just to bring some moisture to your lips. Once you have done this use your hands to gently smudge the lip liner inwards. Be gentle, and you wills e eth darker shade on the outsides of your lip and the lighter ones towards the inward. This will bring a 3 dimensional effect on your lips

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