Pink Lip Makeup

Pink Lip Makeup

Pink is the most feminine color that one can ever find. A woman may forget to wear foundation or eye makeup, but it’s hardly a case where a woman has forgotten to wear lipstick. Pink is the favourite shade for most women since it looks great on any woman, of any complexion. It suits almost all skin tones and it available in so many shades and undertones Pink Lip Makeup is like the universal shades for women with olive skin, dark skin, fair medium or even brunettes and blondes. It’s a proven fact that women look great in pink and it is the color for the women. Pink Lip Makeup would look great in a Business meeting just as it would look great on a casual night out with your boyfriend. So if you want to bowl someone over, its time to switch to Pink Lip Makeup. Pink is your color girl!

Pink Lip Makeup Tips

So basically if you do have pink lips, imagine how lucky you are. You hardly need to do anything. All options are open for you. Let’s look at some gorgeous colors for Pink Lip Makeup. All kinds of pink shades would look great. Try to look for turquoise, brown or blue undertones. They look great for Pink Lip Makeup. You don’t need to apply any lip liner for your lips if you do have pink lips. Just use nude colors that would suffice

The best part about Pink Lip Makeup is that even nude glosses would look great on pink lips; since you already have a color that you can sport.

• So what you can do is first exfoliate your lips using a gentle exfoliator, this is important since you need to get the dead skin off.

• Once you are done exfoliating you need to dab some powder onto your lips.

• This is to create the base for the lipsticks that you will apply.

• Now either you begin by applying the lipstick base, which is a liquid lipstick base or a lipstick cake.

• Or else you can directly apply some lip balm leave it on for 5 to 10 seconds, this is to just nourish and moisturize your lips.

• Once you have done this all you need to do is just apply your lip gloss.

You can apply a range of lip glosses onto your gorgeous pink lips.

• For the best Pink Lip Makeup, you need to get some of the shades of lipsticks that I have mentioned earlier and once you have done that, just apply the lipstick and then dab gloss on top of it.

The result would look mesmerizing. Whichever shade you use for Pink Lip Makeup, you need to remember that do not hide he original color of your lips, since that’s something you need to show and be proud of.

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