Peptides in Skin Care

What are Peptides in skin care? Peptides in skin care are the newest technological advancement in anti-ageing treatments. Due to its complexity and high cost, the Peptide molecules are used in only certain skin care products. Peptide in skin care products is found really rarely and they can hardly be found in many products that are available locally.

Let us look at some of the uses of Peptides in skin care.

Peptides when used in skin care products brings the most amazing glow to the skin of the people who use it. Peptides are responsible for producing Collagen. Collagen is strands of long amino acids that are the building blocks of the cell. Collagen gives the skin a smooth and soft appearance. It also lends the skin a very youthful appearance. With every passing year, we generally lose most of our collagen and thus giving way to ageing. When these amino acids break down, they create these small chains and these are known as Peptides. These Peptides signal to the skin for fulfilling the requirements of more collagen. Matrixyl 3000 helps in preventing the minimizing of these collagens. Thus the skin produces some natural collagens naturally.

Peptides also helping in reducing wrinkles and reversing skin damage.

Peptide also increases microcirculation and strengthens capillaries. The delicate skin around the eye is the one that suffers the most since wrinkles appear for the first time. They also help to reduce any kind of discoloration and swelling that occurs around the eyes. They protect the Elastin and Collagen Bundles around the eyes which help in retaining the firmness and elasticity of the skin. Peptides help to reduce the visibility of wrinkles for a long time.

Peptides also help in increasing the communication between the cells. Dermal-Epidermal Juncture (DEJ), helps in the integrity of the cells and generally this begins to wear off around the age of 30. Peptides help in: structural integrity, epidermal nourishment, molecular communication within the skin. Thus the improvements in the skin are as follows: better skin tonicity, better skin firmness, lesser wrinkles and better compactness of the skin.

Let’s look at some of the peptide laden skin care products:

  1. The Olay Regenerist and Strivectin  SD
  2. TNS Recovery Complex
  3. Jan Marini Recover-E, TGF Serum, Cream, Eye Cream and Age Intervention Serum, Cream, Eye Cream and Regeneration Booster;
  4. Gernetic Anti Stries
  5. Cells-Life
  6. Les Parfaits Course, for menopause days
  7. ConcentréReparateur, CremeJeunesse and Anti-Temps
  8. Cytobi
  9. GER-Lift
  10. Mito Special
  11. Nuclea
  12. Hydra – Ger
  13. Vasco
  14. Marco 2000
  15. Endo Special
  16. Super Serum and Youth Complex
  17. Antioxidant Lip Repair and Eye Cream (Skin neutrals)

Peptides are the most biologically active molecules they are basically composed of some of the most vital amino acids that have anti ageing properties. Amino Acids are the raw materials from which the skin is made.

There is a huge chance that the peptides not work at all

Peptides may not work at all, since there are a few thing that you need to realize. There are quite a number things that need to fall right if you need peptides to work well in your skin.

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