Party Makeup Ideas

Party makeup

Here’s one place that will tell you exactly ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ about party makeup. If it’s a party night, you have to be able to gather all the attention that you can and be a hot-spot to be invited once again the next time around, you need to stand out among the crowd, you need a makeup look that is unique and makes you look sexy, beautiful and stunning. Learn how to apply the perfect party makeup and the latest trends in party makeup here by following these simple party makeup ideas.

Party makeup ideas

• First things first, know what you are wearing. Be it the pattern the dress, there is no harm in being repetitive because you can always doll it up with different accessories. Visualize the look that you are about to sport, this is the best way to understand how you are going to look at a party.

• Don’t be stingy with the accessories. Be generous and wear those long earrings that you have been hiding away for the fear of being too loud. Remember that the ingredients that make your look the best is your confidence, that’s the best piece of attire that you can sport at a party.

• Look out for the shoes. Don’t overdo them, sport your sexy feet especially if you have had the luxury to pedicure in the near future. The perfect party make up is completed because of the shoes.

• Parties are usually for the evenings, the tiredness and exhaustion can be made out on the face if you haven’t had the time for adequate rest. The best way to make your face and eyes look fresh is washing your face with some rose water mixed with cool water. This will add to the freshness of your look. Place a couple of cucumbers on your eyes to reduce puffiness in case of any. Dab your face with a towel and do not rub it in. wipe your face with a cleansing milk that suits your skin type. You can also use some oil-free moisturizer or a calamine lotion. After 10-15 you can begin your make up regime by starting to apply a foundation that perfectly suits your skin. This simple party makeup tip will help you look refreshed and beautiful after a hard day’s work.

• It’s great to do makeup, but it’s equally disastrous to do TOO much makeup. Keep your party makeup simple and toned down. If you have decided to wear heavy eye makeup tone down the makeup on your lips and vice versa in your party makeup look.

• Devote more time to eye makeup since eyes are one feature that you cannot miss. Outline them, define them, the more you pay attention to the features, the better they will turn out to be. Avoid the colors brown, blue or purple if you are dark complexioned. Fairer and wheatish complexioned ones can use most of these colors.

• While you apply the mascara don’t forget to give two or three strokes; unidirectional strokes.

• Blush and lipsticks are entirely up to you. But remember the balancing act that was mentioned earlier. Slowly, increase the color on your blush and not at the same time. Metallic colors would do wonders for party makeup. However, keep the color of your dress in mind while choosing metallic shades for your party makeup look.

• In the case of your hair, leave them open if they are tangle free or comb them well and leave them shiny and tidy. If you think your hair is too thin you could try perming them on occasions.

Follow these simple party makeup ideas and party makeup tips to look stunning for a party. Remember that everything you do must be a value addition to your personality and not an extra baggage. Have fun Partying !

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