Organic Eye Makeup Tips

Organic Eye Makeup products have become the hottest selling makeup products across the world. More and more women have stared opting for organic eye makeup products due to benefits that these products offer the user. Organic eye makeup products are made up of extracts from herbs, minerals and plants, giving the user a more smooth and chemical free feel and look. Organic makeup products also tend to last longer, and are free of any side effects that other chemical based makeup products have. Organic eye makeup is great for people with sensitive skin or suffers from skin problems. Here we help you with some simple eye makeup tips using organic eye that can help enhance your beauty and give you smooth glowing skin.

Organic Eye Makeup Tips

Organic eye makeup is a safer option in comparison with chemical based makeup products as they are free of chemicals like aluminium, petroleum, chemical colouring and mineral oil.  People who are exposed to these products over a long period of time can see the side effects these products have on the skin. We have lined up some simple organic eye makeup tips that you can use to enhance your beauty.

A smooth eye makeup base:-

  • Before you start applying any makeup it is important to start on a clean and dirt free surface. Always use a cleanser to clean your face and eyelids, avoid strong astringent based cleansers and go with much milder milk based cleansers.
  • Start applying makeup by first creating a smooth base by lightly applying a foundation, this helps keep your organic eye makeup intact.
  • Now apply an organic eye shadow to your eye brow area. If you decide to go for a two toned look, first apply a light based eye shadow applying it using a eye shadow brush with light upstrokes.
  • Now apply the darker shaded eye shadow on the light base and blend it well with the brush, outline the eyes with a darker shade.

Eye Lashes

  • For dark, long and voluminous eye lashes you can use and organic mascara. Using organic mascara help you give you long and voluminous eyelashes. Apply the organic mascara using a eyelash brush starting at the base of the eyelashes and working up to the tips of the eye lashes.
  • Now using an organic eye liner pencil you can work the eyebrow line coloring the eye lashes, ensuring not to smudge your eye shadow or applying any eye pencil on the skin. Using the pencil, outline the arc of your brow, extending the line of the brow outwards.

Creating layered effect

  • To accentuate your eye brows, you can use an organic eye shadow. Choose a shade that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone. Now using a eye shadow brush apply the eye shadow using light feathery strokes, Applying the organic eye shadow to your eyebrow hair, ensuring that none of the shadow comes on the skin.

You can follow these simple tips when applying organic eye makeup for that lasting beautiful look.

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