Oral Warts in Dogs

What is oral warts in dogs

There are several diseases, infections, health ailments, etc that affects humans also affects the dogs. Many people assume that only humans are infected by warts. However, it also appears in dogs. Oral warts in dogs are generally caused by canine papillomavirus and it is a viral infection. The oral warts in dogs are characterised by the growth of small round skin near the mouth. The Oral warts in dogs is more common in puppies than the older dogs. These excessive growths of skin appear to be patches of cauliflower in dogs. Since Oral warts in dogs is a viral infection, seeking immediate attention and examination of condition with veterinarian is quite important to prevent further spread of infection.

Causes of oral warts in dogs:

Oral warts in dogs are a viral infection caused by papilloma virus. As mentioned above, the viral infection appears like bumps in irregular shapes and develops near the lips, muzzle, gums and the throat. Generally these Oral warts in dogs are not too dangerous and they are likely to disappear in a few weeks or in a couple of months. However, there are few instances of Oral warts in dogs, where the infection is severe the oral warts grow in huge size. Further, it might also become ulcerated. This condition might turn into a cancerous growth with the presence of tumor cells. Hence, when the warts found in larger size, it is recommended to test the tissues through biopsy to identify the presence of tumors.

Even though the Oral warts in dogs is caused only by papilloma virus, there are different types of papilloma virus infects the different parts of the body. Let us the see the different types of papilloma virus.

• Canine mucous membrane papillomatosis – affects the young dogs and puppies. More common in new born puppies

• Conjuctival mucous membrane papillomatosis – multiple warts

• Cutaneous papillomas – affects the older dogs and the warts appear like solitary warts

• Cutaneous inverted papillomas – affects dogs of all ages and is not common in puppies

Is Oral warts in dogs dangerous?

Oral warts in dogs do imply or lead towards any dangerous condition in dogs. The condition neither is dangerous nor creates any health ailments. Unfortunately, around 2% of dogs with oral warts develop malignant tumors.

Being a viral infection, Oral warts in dogs is transmitted through direct contact. For instance, a healthy dog gets infected by oral warts when it comes in contact with any infected dogs. Viral infection develops in a rapid speed in puppies and young dogs less than 2 years old due to their weakened or immature immunity. Similarly, when the dogs have strong immune system, the infection and subsequent development of wart would be much milder. Similarly, in some cases, the viral infection also leads towards bacterial infection.

Treatment of oral warts in dogs:

Since the condition is developed by viral infection, the immune system in dogs automatically eliminates the Oral warts in dogs infection. The only thing the pet owners need to do is to wait with patience for some time if the dog si infected with Oral warts in dogs. However, in some cases, where the warts develop in throat, it makes swallowing very difficult, which requires medical attention. Anti-viral drugs are provided to suppress the infection.

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